Alejandra’s Transformation Story

Alejandra’s Transformation Story

In April, our stateside team made their first trip back to Dorie’s Promise after more than a year. Oh, how we missed seeing our kids and staff in person. As we sat together in the evenings, our conversations often shifted to the amazing transformations we notice in our kids. In only a year, they changed so much. Thinking back to 3, 4, or 5 years again, some of our children are unrecognizable.

Today, we share Alejandra’s transformation story.

9 year-old Alejandra

Alejandra shortly after arriving at Dorie's PromiseFive years ago, 9 year-old Alejandra came to us after a short stay in a temporary placement in Escuintla. She was shy and unsure of how she fit into our home. Believe it or not, she was fairly quiet as well. But, she was kind and her kindness allowed her to make friends and bond with the other girls.

Very quickly, we noticed some possible difficulties and delays. Doc Castro, our psychologist Ana Maria, and our teachers evaluated her and watched her daily interactions to determine what challenges she might be facing.

Eventually, some development delays were identified. Coupled with behavioral challenges, Alejandra’s maturity was delayed relative to her age. We needed to support her both educationally and developmentally.

Facing Her Challenges

Alejandra is a strong girl and despite many situations she has faced throughout her life, she is also happy. Time, love, and patience proved to be the keys to Alejandra’s transformation. She needed adults who were willing to help her overcome her challenges and teach her how to face adversity in healthy ways.

Another significant obstacle for Alejandra was her previous schooling. Although she is in middle school, many of the fundamental subjects required for her classes were not thoroughly taught before she joined us. She’s eager to learn and enjoys school but becomes frustrated at times.

Alejandra doing school work with Karen.Before the pandemic, she attended a school specializing in helping children with developmental and educational delays. With the switch to virtual school last year and homeschool this year, Alejandra is doing even better. She loves the individualized attention she receives and decreased distractions with our small class sizes.

Miss Karen creates an environment where Alejandra excels. She pushes her to give more than just the correct answer to questions. Alejandra is learning to think beyond the easy answer. For subjects where her knowledge is lacking, they reinforce the basics with projects and field trips to bring classes to life.

Alejandra is getting the kind of education that will prepare her for the future.

14 year-old Alejandra

Alejandra with one of the younger girls at Dorie's PromiseWe were amazed by the confident young woman we visited in April. Over the last 5 years, Alejandra has transformed from a shy, distracted girl to a young woman with a successful future ahead of her.

She dreams of being a teacher one day. For now, she enjoys helping Miss Jenny and the Special Mothers with the little ones. She is amazing with them, able to be both a leader and friend interchangeably. Working with children will be a good fit for her in the future.

We are all very proud of the amazing young woman Alejandra has become. Learn more about Alejandra and become part of her transformational story today through sponsorship.

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