Alejandra’s Forever Family

Alejandra with her forever family.

By MJ Zelya-

Alejandra came to Dorie’s Promise by court order in March 2010, when she was only 25 days old. When we received her she was very tiny and suffering from several health problems — predominantly acute respiratory illnesses.

Little Alejandra in March of 2011.We were sad to know that she had been abandoned by her mother. What we didn’t realize at the time was that she also had an older brother who was sent to another home. He was adopted by a Guatemalan family when he was 2 (he is now 8).*

Alejandra received good care at our home, and after many treatments to control her health conditions she was getting sick less often. Dr. Castro has helped her come out of the crisis, and she began to grow stronger.

A couple of weeks ago, The CNA (Central Adoption Authority) informed us that they had a family for Alejandra, the same family that adopted her brother from the other home!

After all the paperwork was completed, they granted the family and Alejandra a period of time to get to know each other. They came every day to visit her at our home and spent time getting to know more about Alejandra. When the CNA was sure that Alejandra was ready to leave, Alejandra was finally reunited with her brother and went to live with her adoptive family on August 7, 2015.

She was so excited! She knew she was going home with her Forever Family. She took her backpack and the gifts she had received from school and said good-bye to the Special Mothers and the children at Dorie’s Promise.

As you know, our home is a place where children who come into our care and protection will never be the same. Whether they were with us for a short time or a long time, there is always a change — a change that will remain with them as they become adults. We know each child was rescued from their previous situation for a reason and that God has worked everything together according to His plan. That’s why we’re called Forever Changed!

Alejandra in June 2015; shortly before being adopted.When we know one of the children is leaving Dorie’s Promise, it fills us with sadness — but also with a sense of satisfaction. Such is the case with Alejandra. She’s been with us almost since the day she was born. We will miss her a lot, but we know that having a family is her heart’s desire.

Lucky, our home’s teacher, says of Alejandra, “She is a very smart girl. At first it was difficult for her to adapt to school. We needed to work hard on her motor skills and language. The hard work paid off, because we’ve heard great comments from her school. The teacher said that Alejandra was always willing to learn, help, and share with her classmates.

“Something that was very impressive for a girl of her age is that Alejandra always wanted to do homework. If she did not bring homework home, sometimes she cried because she wanted to do something. She enjoyed doing pages of letters, painting, and cutting.”

When we see our children so happy to learn, being responsible, and grateful to God, the purpose of this ministry shines through. It’s a challenge, a responsibility, and a big commitment. But I have always thought of it like we are helping God here on the earth to do His work, taking care of His flock. That’s why we joyfully receive the children who come here — because God has a purpose for their time with us!

We wish Alejandra a happy life full of love with her new family!

*International adoptions from Guatemala closed in 2008

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