A Special Note from Doc Castro

A Special Note from Doc Castro

For more than a decade, Doc has served as the loving guardian of our children’s health. His care and guidance transform the physical health and lives of our kids. As our children reach adolescence, Doc’s healthcare focus is expanding to ensure our children are prepared to become healthy adults.

Celebrating a healthy home

Doc Castro at work keeping our children healthy.Sometimes we take for granted just how lucky we are to have a home full of healthy children. Although many of our children face chronic medical conditions, Doc happily shares that “every child is growing and developing to their full potential. Fortunately, no one has been left behind.”

Doc and Mirna, our nurse, spend countless hours caring for our children, monitoring their health, and researching ways to improve their care even more. Their love for our children is evident as you watch happy children playing in our home, the result of their dedication to creating a healthy home and providing individualized care for each child.

Even our children with special needs and complex medical conditions are growing and expanding their developmental skills. Doc credits the loving care, stimulation, and new development methodologies they’ve implemented this year with our Special Mothers for the amazing results. Together, our staff is helping our children grow.

Thanks to our staff’s constant care, 2018 was a healthy year in our home, without any serious illness or injuries.

Planning for the future

As our children get older, Doc is adjusting his focus and medical techniques to meet the needs within our home. His holistic healthcare model aims to create healthy lifestyles for our children, not just treat medical conditions.

Similar to your family, we want our children to make healthy choices and be aware of their overall well-being. As they get older, Doc is focusing on nutrition and exercise in addition to general healthcare. If incorporated at a young age, we believe our children will be equipped to make wiser choices as adults. We’re grateful for staff members who incorporate healthy meals, exercise, and overall wellness into the lifestyles of our children.

Especially over the last few months during the school break, we’ve been seeking our activities our children enjoy. Some of our girls participate in gymnastics lessons. Many of the boys go to soccer camp during the week. Some kids even take karate lessons in our home. Seeing them find activities they enjoy that also model a healthy lifestyle brings Doc’s vision to life.

A special note from Doc

Doc Castro check on a child at Dorie's Promise.“I am grateful and content to be able to continue looking after our children at Dorie’s Promise. I feel very young and energetic, still able to climb to superior levels and serve others in need. My goal is to lead by example and be the best pediatrician, fulfilling children’s health needs and beyond.

My potential as a pediatrician, long-term physician, and as a philanthropic human being is not fulfilled yet. I hope to find ways to serve better and it’s my lifelong wish to be able to see real and long-term positive changes in our society, especially among unprivileged and vulnerable families in terms of family integration, good values, work opportunities, good nutrition, and education. I know that the time will come when I will be able to contribute to those changes and dedicate more time to seek those superior goals.”

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