A Quality Education

By Alejandra Diaz-

With Guatemala’s new school starting in mid-January, we are excited about six of our children having the opportunity to attend some form of private schooling this year.

Four of them will attend El Shaddai, operated by an evangelical church that has formed a partnership with us during the past year.

Those who have been accepted include Ingrid, age 10; Jennifer, 8; Ana, 6; and Amelia, 5. With the three older, we had felt led to search for an option to public schools. We also wanted to enroll Amelia in a Christian bilingual school.

Their classes will feature faith-based instruction. They will be conducted in Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon.

Two other children will enjoy private education this school year. They include Brayan, 11, who has been behind in language and learning skills and will receive special therapy. Most of the teachers at the school he will attend are psychologists.

Another child, Mirna, 13, had never studied, so it would have been difficult for her to attend traditional classes. However, a home school program will tutor her at Dorie’s Promise.

Once children reach the age of four, we usually enroll them in public school. However, we had some experiences last year with the quality and level of education our children received. So, we prayed about other options, particularly for children in elementary years.

We are pleased with these changes, especially our partnership with El Shaddai. In addition to the children attending this year, we look forward to doors opening for preschoolers who will advance to the elementary level next year.

The church is also supporting us by providing some materials for the children. In mid-December, the principal stopped to visit and deliver gifts for the children. She also wants to help support Dorie’s Promise by encouraging people to volunteer here and collect donations for us.

We now serve 36 children, with 10 who have been in school for several years. Three four-year-olds are entering preschool this year.

We also have a small classroom at the home that serves as a place for early stimulation and learning exercises for children between two and four.

A quality education is one of the best things we can provide for the children in our care.

In Guatemala, only 69 percent of children between ages 7 and 14 attend elementary school. Because of their background, an education would only be a dream for the children at Dorie’s Promise.

We are thankful to God that we can make dreams come true for these precious youngsters. Thank you for the support that makes this possible.

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