A New Place to Play : A Playhouse For The Children of Dorie’s Promise

 The finished playhouse is just beautiful!

By MJ Zelya-

Missions team works on the playhouse for Dorie's PromiseAs a kid you’re always dreaming about all the toys you would like. And when you’re a little girl, your dream of having a doll house is pretty exciting. But even more thrilling is having a real playhouse with “real” furniture and play things to share with your friends. It’s something beyond imaginable, especially if you are in a country where at least 50% of the population lives in poverty.

This year, the children of Dorie’s Promise were blessed when a mission group from East Hartland, CT, completed building a wooden playhouse for our children.

The process of constructing it was amazing given its size! The girls were excited and anxious to go in the backyard and discover the new things it held. A couple weeks after the house itself was finished, founder Heather Radu decorated and furnished it.

“I want to give these kids what I would give to my own kids,” Heather says.

Special Mother Supervisor, Nohemi Peña says, “When the little girls play in the backyard, this is their favorite place. They love it — they pretend to cook and then feed the babydolls. They also ‘share’ the food they cooked with the boys and the older girls. They like to pretend to be little mommies. That house is extraordinary!”

“We were so overjoyed that we could build this playhouse for the children of Dorie’s Promise,” remarks Susan Olsen, who was part of the construction team. “We feel that God has blessed us with special building skills, and we are thrilled that He is using us in this way. We love to come and serve in any capacity, but when we build something and the children get so excited, it’s just great! We feel honored to be a part of Dorie’s Promise in this way.”

The playhouse was filled with toys by founder Heather Radu.Carol Lemus, another Special Mother, loves the playhouse too: “It’s so funny to see all the girls playing in that house; some of them cooking, or baking cookies, or buying groceries, or ironing the baby clothes….”

Nayeli Lux, one of the older girls living at Dorie’s Promise, says, “It’s fun to play with little kids in the house. All of them want to be our mother or our father. At the end, we have many fathers and mothers and they treat us like babies.”

Maria (age 6) is one of those little “mommies,” who declares, “I like to be the mom!”

Nayeli Soto (also 6) says she likes “all the different things you can find in the house, and also to pretend that I’m watering the plants on the windows.”

Watching our children having fun, sharing the toys, playing together — it’s priceless. We are grateful for all our donors and mission groups that come and take the time to make our home a better place.

For all those working with us at Dorie’s Promise, either caring for children, working in the office, or doing social work, it fills us with joy to see that our children are loved and blessed by many people — people who continue to support us and give the children the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment.

God bless you all!

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