A Mother’s Day Thank You!

Orphan Care Givers

The Special Mothers of Dorie's Promise

We Love Our Special Mothers!

Mother’s Day is always a special day at Dorie’s Promise.  Even though many of the women who work in this special home don’t have kids of their own, they know these precious kids see them as more than just workers.  They see them as mothers.

This past weekend, the kids of Dorie’s Promise pulled out all the stops for their “moms” – doing what they could to show their appreciation and love.  Taking them to a park far from town, the children gave their “moms” a day full of activities, food, skits, raffles, and more.  If you had been there, you would have cherished the smiles, the laughs, and the tears.

It truly was a Mother’s Day to remember.  Activities like this are what make Dorie’s Promise stand above the rest – showing how much we care about the children and the workers.  And the difference truly shows. The dedication we see from the workers on a daily basis . . . the love we see pouring from them toward every child . . . is worth every penny.

Thanks to your prayers, partnership, and financial support, we are not only able to provide first rate care for children from across Guatemala, we are also providing first-rate employment for young women from throughout the area.  And it is these special “mothers” who make this place so unique.

Thank you for doing your part to see the lives of children forever changed.  And thank you for helping us celebrate a special Mother’s Day in Guatemala.

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