A Lovely Lilac Celebration for Maria

A Lovely Lilac Celebration for Maria

Recently, Maria turned 15 and we celebrated with her highly anticipated quinceañera. Even several weeks later, our children are still talking about the party.

Undoubtedly, our backyard is home to some of the best moments in our children’s lives. We celebrate birthdays, school successes, baptisms, graduations, and every other meaningful moment together in our backyard. Maria’s quinceañera marks another beautiful memory created together.

Creating a special moment

During the last several years, our staff has gained quite a bit of experience hosting quinceañeras for our girls. No two celebrations are ever the same. Each quinceañera is a unique reflection of the special young woman we’re celebrating.

Maria’s quinceañera reflected the soft, subtle beauty found in her personality.

Lilac hues decorated the backyard. Lights hung from the pergola, as did pictures of Maria and her siblings. Some photos showed Maria as a very little girl whose little face seemed to be beaming. Balloons completed the lovely decorations and the icing on the cake was, of course, purple with a silver tiara on top.

As she walked down the steps and up the walkway to the pergola, we were taken aback by Maria in her lilac dress. Our little girl has become a beautiful young woman. Ever present was her beautiful smile, the same one we see on the little girl in the photos.

Even though she shares her birthday with her three siblings-Aracely, Ana, and Abraham-this was Maria’s day and she enjoyed being the center of attention for one evening.

Celebrating Maria

Maria’s quinceañera was a perfect reason to get dressed up.

All the children looked their best. Our older boys wore blazers and ties while the girls had their party dresses on with beautiful hairstyles. Nayeli wore black, her current favorite color, while Silvia styled her dress with cute white sneakers. Jimena’s long hair was curled and Abraham was absolutely dapper. He enjoyed his sister’s birthday as his own (of course, it was also his own!).

After a delicious meal of carne asada and popcorn, the music started and dancing ensued. The first ones to hit the dance floor were the little ones from Casa 1, jumping, twirling, and shaking their little arms in the air. Our Special Mothers danced with them as everyone smiled and giggled.

Shortly thereafter, the newest Shakira songs started to play and Maria, along with other girls, was ready to dance. From then on, the girls danced the afternoon away, singing, jumping, and doing elaborate dances together.

Maria, we’re thankful for you

Since the day toddler Maria cautiously sat on the couch in our office with her siblings, we’ve been blessed by her sweet, caring personality. It’s a blessing to be part of her life. This is one more moment we’ll cherish and celebrate with her.

If you’d like to send a message to Maria, feel free to email us and we’ll share your message with her.

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