A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2021

A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2021

2021 was a fantastic year at Dorie’s Promise. To end the year on a high note, we want to share a few of our favorite things.

A Year of Learning and Fun in School

Sebastian having Christmas fun at Dorie's Promise.

Learning to write letters and numbers in class. -Dulce
Playing animals with my teacher and sleeping (but not in class). -Elizabeth
Making sauces and soups during my classes before graduation. -Aracely
Succeeding at school and getting great grades. -Jennifer
Getting better at English and learning a lot of new words. -Maria
Staying out of trouble this year in school and learning a lot of math. -Manuel

School Success

Graduating culinary school and learning so much from Marcos. -Brayan
Finishing my sophomore year and starting to think about graduation. -Jennifer
Finishing school and relaxing during our school vacation. -Josue
Graduating and spending time helping patients. -Myra

A Million Different Forms of Fun

Playing marbles with everyone in the backyard. -Santiago
Playing basketball and knitting many art pieces. -Omar
Doing arts and crafts for Christmas, especially yarn art. -Emanuel
Playing A LOT of videogames. -Lester
Building stuff out of Legos and staying up late playing. -Abraham
Playing with dinosaurs and having visitors. -Alex

Birthday Magic

My paw patrol birthday cake. -Sebastian
Celebrating my brothers’ birthday and visiting Jessica’s house. -Monica
My quinceañera party and celebrating with my brother. -Merari

Moments Together

Spending more time with Mama Diana. -Alejandra
Going on long walks with the Special Mothers and little girls. -Marta
Cozy nights in our new pajamas. -Isaias
Taking care of my sister Elizabeth and watching movies with her. -Jimena
Having the opportunity to do video calls with my friends. -Yohana
Bonding and sharing time with my sisters and my brother. -Ana

New Children in Our Home

Seeing my sister be happy with her new friends here at Dories Promise. -Jordan
Being with my brother and coming here with all of our new friends. -Dana
Playing with the girls and being friends with them here. -Consuelo
Decorating for Christmas with the Special Mothers. -Astrid
Getting to play on the swings and slide almost every afternoon. -Suleika
Drawing trucks and cars with crayons. -Edgar

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Being gifted new and super cool shoes. -Marcos
Cooking and spending time with the little ones. -Yire
Serving people in the local community. -Ulises
Doing projects around the house and helping all of the staff. -Silvia
Helping out in the kitchen with our chefs and the Special Mothers. -Nayeli
Laughing almost every single day with everyone around me. -Carlos
Gifting people my origami creations as a sign of love. -Elvis
Expressing my love to others in little ways. -Sofia

2021 was a wonderful year for our children, full of growth, love, and a lot of laughs. As supporters of our home, you helped create a place where special moments fill every day. Thank you. 🎄 Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Best wishes for a fantastic New Year.

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