A Day Filled with Sunshine and Smiles

A Day Filled with Sunshine and Smiles

Welcome to springtime in Guatemala. As we near the beginning of the rainy season, our kids are fully enjoying the warm days, sunshine, and time spent outside. Last month, we transformed the backyard into our personal waterpark. Check out these photos filled with sunshine and smiles from Splash day.

Splash day at Dorie's promise looking over all the fun from a balcony

Everyone Wants a Day at the Pool

When asked what activities they miss most over the last year, the most frequent answers from our kids are: spending time with their friends, activities with our short-term mission teams, and going to the pool. Our kids love days spent at the pool 🏊‍♀️.

Normally, we fill the school break between October and January with fun activities. The weather is always warm and beautiful that time of year. Our days are slower and less hectic without the hustle of school as well. Our kids enjoy amusement parks, sports camps, and regular trips to the pool when it’s warmest.

This year, we miss our normal activities, especially trips to the pool. Everyone wants a day at the pool.

Bringing the Pool to Dorie’s Promise

Since we can’t take our normal trips to the pool, we’re bringing the pool to Dorie’s Promise.

Last month, our staff transformed the backyard into a waterpark for the kids to enjoy. It was sunny and warm, the perfect day for a dip in the pool or any other form of water-related shenanigans.

Imagine this. One inflatable pool was under the pergola for those who preferred the shade. Two more inflatable pools filled the patio for those wanting sun or a bigger splash zone. Four square was set up near the playhouse for those moments in between swimming. A pop-up tent shaded another play area across the yard for water toys. Relay games ran up and down the length of the space.

Our staff is awesome at throwing parties and having fun. The kids laughed and squealed. They splashed and swam and ate popsicles without worrying about anything other than having fun. The day was amazing for all of us.

Splash day gave our kids the fun pool day in the safest way we can right now. Look at those smiles, I think they loved it!

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