A Beehive of Excitment

By Desi Stephens –

Dorie’s Promise has been a beehive of excitement and activity this past week. In addition to two dinners honoring our Special Mothers, founder Heather Beazley Radu and other board members of Forever Changed International visited with our staff and all the children.  Marketing Director Bradley Burck also came to Guatemala to meet with the board, which reviewed the past year, current operations and future goals. They also visited some of the communities Forever Changed serves and got to know the people better.

Board members Barb Quinn and Heather Radu review a photo album of Special Mothers serving at Dorie's Promise.

“Heather is such a good leader,” says Alej Diaz, director of Dorie’s Promise. “I keep learning from her. Every time we have the chance to talk, I come out with ideas to improve the functioning of the homes and the attention we provide to children.

“The staff and I are encouraged that Heather and the board members support our work by guiding us towards excellence. It gives us a wonderful reminder that we are changing lives every day. It inspires us to keep going.”

Heather says it is “always amazing” to see how God works through people who are joined together by the same passion and purpose.  As an organization, the ministry is blessed to have a team of dedicated board members who are constantly searching for ways to improve the lives of children, she says.

Cinda Rachor - Board Member

“Being able to spend several days on site at Dorie’s Promise reminded us all why we are passionate about serving the world’s forgotten children,” Heather says. “Our kids are truly an inspiration. Their smiles and laughter remind us that we have forever changed their lives.”

The meeting was a true testimony to the health and heart of Forever Changed, says board member Cinda Rachor.  “We are committed to providing for these children in the very best way possible,” Cinda says. “We call them ‘our children’ because that is truly how each of those at our meeting views the 40 orphans who call Dorie’s Promise ‘home.’

We welcome other visitors. Adoptive families that continue to support our work often travel through Guatemala and stop to spend an afternoon with us. We love getting these visits. As an organization, we believe it is important for everyone to get a chance to see the vital work that happens at Dorie’s Promise.


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