A Backyard Celebration – Alejandra’s Quinceañera

A Backyard Celebration – Alejandra’s Quinceañera

Several weeks ago, we hosted a backyard celebration for Alejandra’s quinceañera. As she walked down the steps, Alejandra seemed to transform into a young woman right before our eyes.

A Night Dedicated to Alejandra

Celebrating a girl’s fifteenth birthday is an important milestone and we strive to make everyone’s celebration special. Our staff transforms our backyard into a magical party space, the girls do their hair and makeup, and everyone gets dressed up.

Although she’s matured greatly in the last few years, Alejandra is still the fun-loving girl we’ve always admired. She could just as easily be found doing her hair and makeup as playing tag in the backyard with the little kids. Her confidence and willingness to be herself are inspiring.

To no one’s surprise, Alejandra’s quinceañera also reflected her uniqueness.

Alejandra chose a soft, natural look to accentuate the unique style and color of her dress. Her beautiful wavy hair hung in long curls, set off by a small tiara. Instead of the balloons, streamers, and shiny backdrops we’ve used before, oversized paper flowers covered the walls with soft fabric and lights highlighting the pergola. Even the song she chose for her first dance was purposeful, an updated soundtrack for a classic dance – Chayanne’s Waltz Time.  

A Backyard Celebration

Seeing the smiles of those she loves the most made her quinceañera something Alejandra will cherish always.

“My favorite part was when I came down the stairs and everyone was waiting for me in the pergola. It was special because everyone was looking at me and clapping.” Although she was nervous about being the center of attention, her excitement shined through.

Reflecting Alejandra’s great love for those with whom she is closest, the night was an intimate affair. Our children and staff were joined by a few very special friends including our neighbor Natalie with whom Alejandra is very close and Nallely who was able to be home for the very special occasion.

Each party detailed honored Alejandra and those who have impacted her life.

Filling the place in her life as an older brother, Brayan walked her down the steps and into the party. Special Mother Lorena prayed over her and our director Alejandra shared a special blessing. As is also customary, Alejandra shared her first dance with a man who has played a very important role in her life – Dr. Castro. Doc is very much like a father to Alejandra, offering advice and often spending quality time together running or doing other sports. Theirs is a very special bond.

And then, we ate cake, danced, and celebrated together.

As Alejandra continues to mature and become a confident young woman, we pray she will remember the way she felt during her quinceañera – surrounded by those who love her and overwhelmed by their joy for her future.

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