3 Men, 34 Years of Dedication at Dorie’s Promise

3 Men, 34 Years of Dedication at Dorie’s Promise

With school buildings closed and mission trips postponed, the last year drastically changed the daily routines around our home but it hasn’t diminished the commitment of these men to our children. Abel, Oscar, and Mario each play a big part in our home and the lives of our children. Combined, they represent 34 years of dedication at Dorie’s Promise.

Not Just Drivers

Able drivingAs you exit the airport in Guatemala City, either Abel or Marcos will be waiting to pick you up. Normally, Oscar spends several hours each day driving children to different schools around the city. For each of these men, driving is a big part of what they do for us but it’s not the most important part.

Driving around Guatemala City is not for the faint of heart. Traffic is overwhelming. Motorcycles speed between cars. There are diagonal streets, blocks requiring you to drive on the “wrong” side of the road to make a left-hand turn, and enough one-way streets to confuse any new visitor. We need good, safe drivers 🚘 to help us navigate the city.

More importantly, we need good men to be part of our children’s lives.

As someone who has spent hours with each of these men driving through the city and surrounding areas, I can attest to their commitment to and genuine interest in the lives of everyone in our home. Time spent with them is filled with conversation about life, questions about impending decisions, and ideas about the future. They care deeply about each child, each other, and the future in Guatemala.

Fatherly Love in Daily Life

MarcosAlthough I asked each one why he enjoys working here independently, their answers were very similar. Abel, Oscar, and Marcos all enjoy the time they spend with our children and the opportunity to share in their lives.

Our children need good, loving men in their lives.

Abel has a way of making everything fun. If he’s driving kids to an activity, he turns up the music and sings along. He plays soccer like a 20-something. He laughs, he dances, he sings, and he pulls everyone into the fun.

Oscar has a quiet and calming presence. He is reliable and our children know that Oscar will be there to take them to appointments. He will be on the back porch with his breakfast and newspaper after the morning school commute. Each day, Oscar will show up and listen to their stories.

For Marcos, our children are similar in age to his children. His family grew when he started at Dorie’s Promise. We’re especially thankful for the way he connects with our older boys, especially Brayan. Marcos feels like one of his responsibilities is to teach our children how to work and help prepare them for life as successful adults.

34 Year of Dedication at Dorie’s Promise

Abel joined our staff during the summer of 2004. Beginning during our busy years of international adoption, he has fond memories of the children and families he met during that time. Since that time, he has worked in almost every area of our home. Everyone has a story about Abel. He is a fixture of commitment to our work.

In 2006, Oscar joined us. Also starting during the years of international adoption, he remembers the beautiful areas of Guatemala he visited on behalf of families. His hours of driving have always been the means through which he builds relationships. He thanks God for allowing him to be with us for 15 years and all those who support our home.

Three years ago, we welcomed Marcos to Dorie’s Promise. He joined us during yet another transition period. As we watch our children prepare for adulthood, we’re thankful for Marcos’ influence on their decisions and preparedness.

Abel, Oscar, and Marcos are a wonderful part of our home. We’re thankful for the ways they love our children.

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