2021 Ministry Highlights + 2022 Goals

2021 Ministry Highlights + 2022 Goals

2021 was filled with milestones for our children and staff at Dorie’s Promise. Building on those successes, we’re reaching for even larger goals in 2022

2021 Ministry Highlights

Our first young adult graduated from college. Nallely Lux graduated from Biola University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and minors in Spanish and Theology. She plans to pursue a graduate degree.

Under the guidance of our psychologist Ana Maria, we launched a homeschool program at Dorie’s Promise. 14 students successfully completed their first year in our homeschool program. A part-time Special Needs tutor was added to our teaching staff during 2021.

Three children graduated high school last fall. Myra and Aracely graduated from high school in November. Myra was accepted into a college medical program. Aracely is furthering her culinary education. Brayan completed his culinary classes at a new school after his original school closed during the pandemic. He looks forward to his first full-time job.

2022 Goals

To increase our freedom to create curriculum, expand our programs, and operate independently, we are seeking certification within our homeschool system. Our qualified teachers will monitor student success and administer exams. 

To give our children a well-rounded educational experience, Javier will lead exercise activities and our new Child Development Assistant will offer art, music, and bible classes. Homeschool will also operate on a formal daily class schedule. An additional full-time teacher was hired for 2022 and our part-time Special Needs tutor switched to full-time. (5 full-time teachers total)

With 3 recent graduates and many more in coming years, we will create a program to support our young adults through college and career training. The program will help them progress from full support with staff oversight to financial independence.

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