2019 Was Great, Let’s Do It Again in 2020

2019 Was Great, Let’s Do It Again in 2020

You know how people say “change is good?” What if we told you sometimes it’s best to stay the same? Over the last few years, our missions program has found a good, helpful (& not harmful) way to connect our visitors with local families.

Under Bertha’s leadership, we’re working with passionate local leaders to serve great families.

Going deeper in 2020

After honing where we serve, who we serve, and how we serve the last few years, 2020 is set to be the year everything comes together for the missions program at Dorie’s Promise. A decade ago we welcomed our first visitors. Slowly but surely, more visitors came each year after. Thanks to our first passionate missions staff, we connected with community partners both inside and outside Guatemala City.

Experience Guatemala on a mission Trip with Dorie's Promise.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve served a lot of people, worked with great leaders, and learned how to serve well. We’re thankful for the grace we’ve been extended as we try, learn, and try again.

2019 was such a great year, we’re gonna do the same things in 2020!

We’re working in the same communities with the same passionate, dedicated community leaders. Although it’s never easy to move on from communities, Bertha made the decision a few years ago to move outside the city for the majority of our projects in search of underserved communities. Many other great organizations are dedicated to urban missions already, leaving some rural communities lacking long-term partners. We’re spreading the love and honoring the work of others at the same time.

In 2018 and 2019 Bertha made some great connections we see as long-term partners.

Staying put makes a bigger impact

The biggest takeaway from our decade of missions work is the need to focus on only a few areas and stay connected long-term. One of the biggest challenges we face in Guatemala is earning the trust of the people we serve. Too often, people visit communities, make promises, hand out some donations, and then leave, never to be seen again.

We want to serve with integrity and dignity.

Working with communities in Guatemala.

Instead of moving from place to place each year, we’re putting down roots and investing in a few places. Each of the communities we serve has similar characteristics: a local government anxious to serve, local leaders working directly with families in need, and families who want to work with us to better their community.

The difference is undeniable.

We get to see families long after we serve them. Local leaders help us work systematically to maximize everyone’s gifts. People learn to trust our intentions. We employ local laborers, allow local leaders to lead, and show up to support the work already being done. We’re learning to serve well and work maximize the work people are already doing.

Looking forward to 2020

If you’re visiting us in 2020, be ready to do your part in a bigger effort to serve families in Guatemala. We’re already meeting with local leaders, evaluating community needs, and planning how to best offer solutions. Together, we’re working towards permanent, measurable changes.

There’s still time to plan your 2020 trip to Guatemala. Visit our Trips page for more information.

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