Siblings Reunited with Their Family

Siblings Reunited with Their Family

This summer, we watched with excitement as Flor, Mateo, and Estella were matched with adoptive families. Manuel de Jesus went home with his aunt. In October, Aron, Ailyn, and Daniela went home with their parents once again.

Aron, Ailyn, and Daniela

About two and a half years ago, Aron, Ailyn, and Daniela joined us at Dorie’s Promise. Since the beginning, we’ve been hopeful about the possibility of reuniting them with their family.

Our Summer 2019 teams will surely remember Ailyn and Daniela. The sisters quickly found their place within our group of little girls, filling our home with even more tight hugs, silly faces, and laughter than before. We love sharing photos of their antics with you, knowing they’ll make you smile.

Unlike his little sisters, Aron is a quiet big brother who enjoys spending time with the other boys but isn’t likely to be the center of attention. He brings a calming presence into our home and enjoys being part of the group. We appreciate his helpfulness and desire to work hard.

Working Hard to Be Together

Very early in the family court process, the judge clearly defined the steps necessary for the reunification of this family. Along the way, we were cautiously excited about their parents’ desire to meet the court’s requirements. They seemed committed to bringing their children home.

Unfortunately, the pandemic interrupted their efforts and delayed the children’s reunification.

After more than 2 years, Aron, Ailyn, and Daniela were reunited with their parents in October. Through hard work and intense love for their children, their parents completed all of the court requirements, found better employment, and were able to rent a new home.

All three children were beyond excited to finally be back with their parents and new baby brother. We wish them the absolute best.

Monthly sponsorships and gifts to Dorie’s Promise make these opportunities. Aron, Ailyn, and Daniela had a safe home for the last 2 years because of people like you. Learn more about sponsorship at Dorie’s Promise and how it helps our children.

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