Myra Celebrates Milestone

Myra Celebrates Milestone

Now in her second year of university studies, Myra is ready to transition into a more independent lifestyle. Several weeks ago, she celebrated a big milestone.

Dorie’s Promise to Our Young Adults

The entire staff at Dorie’s Promise strives to offer a loving home and resources for each of our children to be successful. As they get older, their needs change and the ways we best serve them change as well.

Our holistic model of care focuses on meeting the emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual needs of our children. With 13 teenagers and young adults in our home, we’re learning how to be flexible and creative. Several children find our homeschool program to be a better fit than other school options. Doc Castro offers a running club which serves as a way to spend time outside and enjoy Doc’s company.

But to be truly successful, we need to help our children transition into adulthood and independence. By giving them the skills to find good jobs and live independently in addition to the other resources they receive, we help them break the cycle of poverty.

Myra’s Big Milestone

We’re excited to share that several weeks ago, Myra moved from Dorie’s Promise into a local mentor family’s home.

Myra has proven her trustworthiness and readiness for more independence. Last year she successfully completed her first year in university and she is now well into her second year. For the better part of this year, she engaged in a conversation with our staff about her goals, what steps could her reach independence, and the help she would need to be successful.

She was ready and we’re excited to help her.

Life with Her Mentor Family

As our first child to live with a Guatemalan mentor family, Myra is helping us discover options for our young adult children after high school. Experiencing life outside Dorie’s Promise is important, but we also know that moving from Dorie’s Promise without support could be an overwhelming experience.

After many months of researching options, we decided to create a community of mentor families. These families will host our children in their homes and provide guidance during their university years. Being part of a local family offers a new perspective into adulthood and opportunities to learn about family life. Most importantly, we believe these families can serve as mentors to our children in all aspects of their lives during the crucial years after high school. They will be the support system our children need before entering the workforce.

Dorie’s Promise will continue to financially support Myra during her university studies, removing that burden so she can focus on her education.

We want to thank all of Myra’s monthly sponsors for giving her the opportunity to pursue her university studies and make this important step towards independence.

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