Making Time for Fun with our Special Mothers

Making Time for Fun with our Special Mothers

Having fun during a special event at Dorie's Promise.

With 40 children, our days are filled with school, meals, laundry, and daily care. Thanks to our Special Mothers, special activities are also a regular part of our routine. They help us remember the importance of making time for fun.

The Heart of a Special Mother

“Special” doesn’t seem big enough to describe the value of our Special Mothers. These women love and support two families, their family at home and our family at Dorie’s Promise. Their work is more than a job and we see the results of their commitment every day. With tenderness and compassion, our Special Mothers are the foundation of our family.

More than just caregivers, our Special Mothers are creative and encouraging. During the last year and a half, their creativity has been put to the test. We believe their best ideas have come from the time we’ve spent together at home.

Dorie’s Promise Transformed

The Dorie’s Promise Zoo

Over the last few months, the Special Mothers have transformed our home multiple times. Here’s a glimpse into their activities.

The Dorie’s Promise Zoo – Each of the boys was assigned an animal to research and draw. Then, our girls visited the zoo as special guests who had to purchase tickets. As the girls explored the backyard, the boys shared about their animals.

Talent Night – Imagine the boys dressed up in costumes with beards drawn on their faces. Groups alternate on and off the stage. There is singing, dancing, and plays. Meanwhile, art is displayed on the walls. If we can’t participate in a talent show at school, we bring the talent show to our home.

Top Chef Dorie’s Promise – With a house full of bigger kids, our activities get more challenging. Recently, the kids showed off their culinary skills with a friendly baking contest. We’re happy to report that everyone had a fantastic time and the results were delicious.

We want to thank our Special Mothers for the important role they play in the life of our children. Their gifts of time, talents, and love are invaluable to us. 💖

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