Intern Teachers Show Great Promise

Intern Teachers Show Great Promise

Since the beginning of the school year (January 2023), a brilliant group of teachers from the Universidad del Valle internship program has been supporting our children with motor skills, mathematics, language, and emotional skills.

The program is only halfway through, but the results are already remarkable. Many of the children who work with the intern teachers after school asked to participate. They approached Ana Maria, who oversees our educational program, and expressed an interest in improving their reading and writing skills. They’re so willing to learn!

Maria Jose Supports Sofia’s New School Work

Sofia, who recently started her first year at a private school, was struggling to keep up with higher educational standards. She’s been working with Maria Jose, one of the intern teachers, and already shows great results.

Twice a week, she meets Maria Jose after school and receives help with her homework, as well as tutoring with reading and writing.

Maria Jose is so committed to Sofia’s improvement that she tutored Sofia during Semana Santa, a national holiday, even though she wasn’t expected to. We are beyond thrilled to have her with us and want to extend our gratitude to her. She is also working with Dereck on the same days as Sofia.

Siblings Improve with Isabel and Jacky

Two pairs of siblings, Jimena & Elizabeth and Mileydi & David, receive tutoring from Isabel and Jacky, who are also doing their internship at Dorie’s Promise. They are working with Jimena + Elizabeth, and Mileidy + David.

David focuses on speech and vocabulary because he is 3 years old and non-verbal. After doing psychological tests, Isabel concluded that David can speak but lacks encouragement. They’ve been singing, using flashcards to recognize drawings and shapes, and working on his motor skills. Isabel is working hard on giving David a voice so that he can express himself freely.

Jimena is also receiving tutoring because until this time she has struggled with her reading and writing. Isabel discarded dyslexia once she discovered an important thing about Jimena: she is a wonderful reader when she feels relaxed. The emotional well-being of children is highly linked to all other activities that they perform such as socializing and studying. This is also true for Jimena who needs to work on her emotional state before doing her homework. Isabel uses special techniques to help her ease into their activities.

Mileydi and Elizabeth work with Jacky, the third intern teacher. Mileidy, who is 5, is focused on learning how to handle her emotions. She has an impressive vocabulary, good analysis, and motor skills.

On the other hand, Elizabeth has always struggled with her studies. After testing, Jacky discovered that Elizabeth can learn and understand but has trouble with attentiveness. They’re working on that, as well as her language and vocabulary skills. Little by little, they’re working on character traits to improve her learning abilities. 

Together, Mileydi and Elizabeth make a great team because they push each other to succeed.

Grateful for Their Servants’ Hearts

Our intern teachers are revealing a side of our children that we haven’t seen before. Thanks to their diligence and perseverance, we understand the learning challenges our children face with greater depth. Their expertise and tutoring provide our children with the necessary skills to succeed both in their studies and their lives.

We are beyond grateful for their willingness to serve our children with their talents and gifts.

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