Fun Updates from Our August Birthday Kids

Fun Updates from Our August Birthday Kids

It’s time to share the good, the new, and the silly updates from our birthday kids. In August, we celebrated Efrain, Elizabeth, Lester, and Nayeli.

🎂 Efrain

How is Efrain’s health? We are continuing to do his daily therapy exercises and he seems to be responding well. His daily therapies help him relax and maintain movement in his joints.

What makes Efrain happy? He enjoys being present with the other kids during activities. Their energy seems to bring him a lot of joy.

From our staff, how does Efrain make you laugh? Efrain’s laugh is contagious. When he is happy, it’s contagious.

From our staff, what makes you proud of Efrain? We admire how strong he is.


🎂 Elizabeth

What are her favorite activities? She loves to play with and be spoiled by the big girls, especially Yohana. Surprisingly though, one of her favorite activities is sleeping. (We can’t blame her!)

What does she enjoy most about school this year? So far, she enjoys art projects the most. We do have to watch her though because she enjoys painting her hands just as much as paper.

What is something new she is learning this year in school? Elizabeth is learning addition in math class this year.

From our staff, how does Elizabeth make you laugh? She is a very funny girl and loves to make silly faces just to make us laugh.

🎂 Lester


What are his favorite activities? Lester loves technology, especially computers. He also spends a lot of time listening to music and play soccer.

Is he enjoying homeschool? The change to a homeschool program in place of distance learning has been good for Lester. His class projects are based on practical problems which he finds more interesting.

What does he want to do when he grows up? As of now, he wants to be a professional soccer player.

From our staff, how would you describe Lester? He is a very loving and helpful young man.

🎂 Nayeli


What is she looking forward to? Next year, Nayeli starts high school. Right now, she is focused on choosing what type of program she wants to pursue.

What is she most proud of? Nayeli is most proud of her academic success. She has always worked very hard in school.

What is her favorite thing about living at Dorie’s Promise? She loves her family here. Because they’ve grown up together, she considers Jennifer, Brayan, and Silvia to be her siblings.

From our staff, how does Nayeli make you proud? She has a strong personality but is also a sweet girl. We see her becoming a more mature and responsible teenager every day.

Happy Birthday Efrain, Elizabeth, Lester, and Nayeli.

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