Celebrating Our Mothers at Dorie’s Promise

Celebrating Our Mothers at Dorie’s Promise

Last week, a few of our US-based staff had the distinct pleasure of celebrating Mother’s Day at Dorie’s Promise. Today, we want to share a glimpse into the moments we witnessed and the importance of the women who dedicate themselves to our children.

Mother’s Day in Guatemala is always celebrated on May 10th. This year, the holiday fell on a Wednesday. To celebrate, most schools close as do government offices and some businesses. Parks and restaurants are filled with families celebrating.

Whole Home Appreciation

On Tuesday afternoon, we noticed the beginnings of our Mother’s Day preparations. Many of our staff members started rallying the children to create gifts for the next day. Although our oldest children are very capable of creating gifts, the younger ones need assistance.

No matter where we walked, individuals were busily preparing gifts.

The little ones in Casa 1 were creating flowers with Mama Glenda that they finished with a spritz of body spray to make them even more special. In Casa 5, Mama Myra helped the boys create a bouquet of flowers by intricately folding, cutting, and rolling foam sheets. The oldest girls in Casa 6 cooked Pan Frances, a delicious dessert like French toast with the addition of Nutella.

In the office, Adriana helped the children prepare fresh flowers. Other staff purchased bracelets on behalf of the children. Baked goods and other gifts appeared.

Everyone worked with our children to celebrate the ladies who work at Dorie’s Promise. Not only were our children showing their appreciation, but our staff also celebrated each other.

Priceless Moments

On Wednesday and Thursday (because our Special Mothers alternate days), our children made their way through the houses and gave their gifts to the ladies of our staff. In a small circle, they stood with each person and shared their love and appreciation. The words shared in these moments were priceless.

There were a lot of hugs and a few tears.

We are so thankful for our mothers at Dorie’s Promise. Their influence on our children and each other is unmistakable. Without each of them and their unique gifts, the work we do would not be possible.

Thank you for supporting our work at Dorie’s Promise and giving these women the opportunity to serve our children.

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