A Fairy Tale Celebration: Yohana’s Quinceañera

A Fairy Tale Celebration: Yohanas Quinceañera

Yohana looks like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Even though her dress and hair are flawless, her smile captivates us most. She is truly beaming and her quinceañera party is a girl’s dream. Welcome to the celebration: Yohana’s quinceañera!

Getting ready for the party

How does such a wonderful day start? Well, preparations took place many days before. Her invitations were sitting on a table in the dining room. Little pink boxes that read “Mis 15” (My fifteen) in handwritten, beautiful silver ink with matching silver ribbons were stacked. You could tell how much care was put into the smallest details.

Yohana excitedly spoke about her light coral dress and very cool matching sneakers.
Once the day of the party arrived, Yohana had a special makeup and hair session that accentuated her girly features. Nallely was home to celebrate and gladly played the role of big sister to help Yohana get ready. She was radiant!

Some early gifts were in order: a silver necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and a beautiful tiara. She looked like a princess. 

There will be dancing!

The decorations were a true gift on their own. Two large numbers (1 and 5) were filled with balloons that matched the light coral and silver. Jimena was especially helpful in decorating for the party. After the party, the younger girls were playing quinceañera and Jimena offered to make beautiful decorations for them as well.

Guests enjoyed a delicious meal and birthday cake. The cake was all white with gold letters that read “Mis XV” (My 15). Along with the cake, cupcakes and chocolates decorated the backyard, delighting our children. So many treats!

Although the food and gifts were magnificent, the dancing part could not wait. Yohana danced the waltz as her first dance and afterward, everyone joined in for some fun moves! What a great time to dance together, enjoying the music and the company! This is what great parties are made of.

The only thing that could have made her night more special was to have two special guests join. Sadly, her brothers Alex and Elvis had to miss the party due to potential illness. We’re thankful they are doing well now.

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of this fairy tale. Yohana’s smile tells everything! She felt like a princess and we got to feel like fairy godmothers and godfathers creating a celebration she will remember for years to come!

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