3 Homes in 5 Years: Read Consuelo’s Story

3 Homes in 5 Years: Read Consuelo’s Story

Amid a busy summer of court appointments and decisions for our children (including 3 adoptions, 1 family reunification, and a sibling group arrival), a heartbroken little girl arrived at Dorie’s Promise. Consuelo has lived at 3 homes in 5 years, none of which were really her home.

4 Sisters Without a Family

Four little girls from one family thought everyone lived like them. Poverty was all they knew. Their family could barely support themselves, but most of their neighbors faced similar circumstances. The unfortunate reality setting them apart was the abuse hidden within their home.

Eventually, the truth was revealed and authorities were notified. The four little girls were removed from their home and entered the family court system. Consuelo was only three years old.

In the years that followed, they would move from one orphanage to another. Consuelo arrived at Dorie’s Promise this summer, her third and hopefully final move before she can find a forever family.

Moving is Never Easy

Despite our best efforts, we cannot take away the pain of being removed from your family or the fear accompanying life in a new place. Moving is never easy. It is especially hard when you are a little girl who was separated from her family and then subsequently separated from her sisters.

Consuelo’s transition to Dorie’s Promise was hard. Her overwhelming sadness was difficult to console and manifested as anger and defiance with devastated tears. She doesn’t want to be without her sisters. She wants to be home and she wants her home to be safe.

We wish the same things were possible.

Thankfully, we’ve helped many children navigate the same types of pain over the years. We understand the way they feel and know what they need from us. For the last few months, we’ve given Consuelo space to process the changes she’s once again facing. We practice patience, love, and stability because she needs us to love her and help her.

Consuelo is feeling better. She feels safe at our home. Although she still misses her sisters, she enjoys her friendship with Jimena and the other younger girls. Most importantly, she knows that we love her no matter what.

Looking ahead

Although our first formal court appointment has not occurred, we anticipate an extended stay for Consuelo. To date, no family resources or connections have been found to care for the girls. Many times, similar situations result in children being in our care until they are adopted or able to live on their own.

As we plan for the new school year, Consuelo’s needs are also being considered. We’ve noticed some struggles and need to consider where gaps exist. To help with her learning delays, our psychologist and teachers are evaluating her specific needs and designing a specialized program which will most likely include one-on-one teaching.  

Although she has endured a lifetime of pain and loss as a child, we’re determined to give Consuelo our best while she is in our home. We’re helping change her story.

You can be part of Consuelo’s story. Pray for her mental, emotional, and spiritual healing as we help her transition into our home. Give a special gift today towards her educational needs. Thank you for believing in her.

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