Yohana, Alex, and Elvis Reunited with Family

Yohana, Alex, and Elvis Reunited with Family

Family—it’s the dream our children share. They want to be part of a family. For many of them, despite the circumstances leading to Dorie’s Promise, they want to be reunited with their biological families in safe and loving environments. Last week, Yohana, Alex, and Elvis were reunited with their mother and had the opportunity to return home with her.

Grateful For Our Time Together

Seven years ago, a very protective big sister shyly walked into Dorie’s Promise with her two little brothers. Even though she was barely 8 years old, Yohana was a fierce protector of Alex and Elvis. She was determined to take care of them.

Over the years, we grew to admire the way Yohana loved her little brothers. She is one of the best big sisters anyone could ask for. Some people might suggest their circumstances caused her to be so attentive to her brothers; we know that God created Yohana with a big heart, a quiet strength, and the wisdom to understand where she is needed.

Alex and Elvis brought humor and a lot of energy to our home. It was easy to miss Alex in a crowd. Unless you were playing sports, he could often be found in the back the crowd. In contrast, Elvis enjoyed being the center of attention. He was always ready to entertain us with his antics and ridiculous stories.

We’re thankful for the quiet moments we shared with Alex and all the times he showed us up on the basketball court. His sly, smirky smile will always bring back good memories. Without Elvis’ goofy stories, jokes, and silly faces, there’s a little hole in our home right now.

We’re grateful for our time together and thank God for allowing us to be part of Yohana, Alex, and Elvis’ lives.

Celebrating Yohana, Alex, and Elvis

As we celebrate Yohana, Alex, and Elvis’ reunion with their mother, please also join us in prayer. We trust that God has orchestrated this reunion at the right time for their family and pray for a smooth transition, a strong reconnection of their relationship, and grace for the moments when life is less than perfect. Most importantly, we pray that God is working within their family.

(We also hope that Alex and Elvis never become “too big” to appease Yohana when she insists on hugs for a photo.)

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