We’re More Than Half Way to Our Goal

We’re More Than Half Way to Our Goal

At the beginning of 2019, we made a bold statement. We want to be fully funded by monthly sponsorships this year.

Quite honestly, it’s scary to share. This has always been our dream, but we don’t want to make a bold statement and then fail. What happens if we reach December 31st and the website says we’re not 100% funded?

We know caring for children in Guatemala is what God has called us to do and he will make sure our children are cared for. You are a big part of the work we do!

Our Need

Unlike foster care programs in the United States, we do not receive any funds from the Guatemalan government towards the care of our children. All of our funding comes from private donors. You fund our homes, staff, schools, medical care, groceries, clothing, everything our children need.

It costs $1000 per child each month to provide the care our children receive. Our operating budget is $40,000 per month. This covers everything for Dorie’s Promise. None of our administration costs or stateside employees are paid from these funds. (We have a very generous partner who covers our administration expenses.)

Currently, we are 66% funded through monthly donations, up from 63% at the beginning of the year. But, we’re still relying on generous friends to cover the 34% not received through sponsorships.

When we reach 100% sponsorship, our friends can help us work on even bigger goals like buying our houses and caring for even more children.

How you can help

We need more friends to help us reach our goal. Because you believe in what we’re doing at Dorie’s Promise, we need your help.

We need to raise $13,600 more in monthly sponsorships.

At just $35 per month, we need 389 more friends who will skip a few coffees or maybe eat out one less time each month in favor of helping our kids. That may sound like a lot, but what if our 390 current donors all inspired just 1 friend to help? We would actually be fully funded with 1 donor to spare!

Can you help us find even more friends for Dorie’s Promise?

  • Share your Dorie’s Promise story with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Use your social media to tell about our kids and how Dorie’s Promise has impacted your life.
  • Invite people to sponsor our home.
  • Sponsor a child in honor of a family member. (It’s especially fun for children to find someone their own age.)
  • Pledge your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gifts to Dorie’s Promise.
  • Ask your company, church, school, or club to sponsor a child together.

Together, we can make our dream come true

Becoming 100% sponsored is not an impossible dream. Being fully funded by the end of 2019 is not unreasonable. Together, we can make our dream come true.

God is doing amazing work at Dorie’s Promise! We are raising the next generation of leaders who will help change life in Guatemala. If you’re wondering how to make a difference, this is the way. Invest in Guatemala’s children. Give them the skills and support they need to change their lives in Guatemala. Thanks for believing in us and loving our children. Without your support, we couldn’t provide such outstanding care for our kids.

Tell your Dorie’s Promise story. Invite friends to help. Share your successes with us. Send us your stories of how you’re helping us achieve our dream. We’re more than half way to our goal. Let’s make 2019 the year we’re fully sponsored!

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