Waiting on Adoption

By Alejandra Diaz-

We hope that the newest resident of Dorie’s Promise is only here for a short time. That’s because Fredy Jose Cuc Caal is in the middle of an international adoption process. His arrival boosted our number of children to 36.

We think Fredy is about four years old. Although he had been living with a foster family, we aren’t certain why he came to stay with us.

Smart and talkative, Fredy appears to be quite happy here, even though he has had some adjustments to make. While living with a family, he was used to having his own room and receiving more special attention. So his first days at our orphanage weren’t too easy.

Also, going out to school was a part of daily life, so remaining on the grounds for preschool classes is new to him.

Other things have changed. Instead of his own room, Fredy has to share one with five other boys. Most of the time, he stays around the grounds, although he sometimes goes out for short walks or to the park.

Despite the challenges, Fredy has taken to life here fairly well. The big smile he wears is a unique part of his personality.

Fredy also loves to give hugs. Our Special Mothers have taken extra care with him, since they know it is not easy for a toddler to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. Teacher Claudia Roncal has also been affirming and affectionate.

The Special Mother who watches him most closely describes an active child who loves to eat and play with other kids his age.

Our staff is praying for Fredy, particularly about his future. We do not have much information about his legal situation or the adoption process. However, we pray for him and his adoptive family—that God will comfort them through this trying time.

We also pray for other adoptive families caught in this situation, that they can find the strength and patience they need.

We ask all our supporters to pray for Fredy and other children in similar situations. It has been difficult watching these kids getting older as each year goes by, but there is little we can do to make the wheels of government turn more quickly.

Along with us, please pray also for the authorities in Guatemala who have the power to change this situation and help move these adoption processes along.

No matter what the outcome, we remain grateful that we were able to open our doors to Fredy. We ask God to keep giving us the opportunity to wrap our arms around him and other children who need love and care.

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