The Village behind Dorie’s Promise

The Village behind Dorie’s Promise

At Dorie’s Promise, the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” comes to life. During a recent visit, Marcos, one of our staff members, perfectly described what this proverb means in our home. Our village stretches from Guatemala to America and beyond, including thousands of people dedicated to the children of Dorie’s Promise.

Marcos is an amazing team member—hardworking, dependable, honest, and dedicated to our children. While preparing to leave, I thanked him for his hard work and the strong fatherly influence he has on our children. His humble response brought the importance of everyone in our village into perspective.


Marcos is showing Brayan how to be a man who leads.Marcos is part of the Dorie’s Promise family. Our children long for families who will love them and each member of our local staff fills that role in a very special way. It may be hard to understand how a driver or maintenance worker makes a difference in the life of a child, but every person is important in our home. For Marcos, working at Dorie’s Promise is his passion and he finds great fulfillment in working with our children.

Our children need strong father figures in their life. In his quiet, steady way, Marcos is a loving male role model for our children. As he goes about his work each day, he shows our children, especially our boys, what it looks like to show up each day, to work hard, to be self-controlled, and to love unconditionally.

Watching him teach Brayan, our oldest child, to do routine maintenance on our vans or take care of our homes may seem insignificant to most, but it’s an important piece in our greater mission. We are raising independent young adults in our home. Being able to manage a household is an important life lesson each child will need when ready to live independently. With great patience, Marcos is showing Brayan how to be a man who leads.

Our Team

Behind the scenes, a small army of staff members in the US serve as your connection to our home. Our stateside team manages your sponsorships and mission trips, while also keeping you up-to-date on our kids. We connect your desire to help Dorie’s Promise with the needs in our home. We’re especially thankful for our Missions Director and Sponsorship Coordinator who allow us to welcome visitors to Dorie’s Promise and manage your donations.

Further behind the scenes, our founder, Heather Radu, and Board Members define the vision for our home and future. They guidance leads us forward as we dream of expanding and reaching more children. With a clear vision for the future needs of our children, they encourage and empower us to serve better.

Friends like you

Dories Promise Staff, just part of our village.Without knowing it, Marcos reminded me of the importance of each member of our village. As I thanked him for his dedication, he also thanked me for bringing people like you into the Dorie’s Promise family. Because of you, Marcos has a good job, providing for his family and allowing him to do the work he loves.

Over time, I had forgotten how important your visits and sponsorship’s were to our local staff. Although our children are the priority of our home, providing meaningful work to our staff is another way we fight injustice in Guatemala. Outside of work, our staff members help in their local churches, volunteer in their communities, and are reaching people in need. They are empowered by their jobs to help others as well.

Our village

Each member of our Dorie’s Promise village helps us create a safe and loving home for our children. Thank you for being part of our village.

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