Same Mission, Just Accomplished in New Ways

Same Mission, Just Accomplished in New Ways

This year, we’re all learning new ways to do almost everything. At Dorie’s Promise, our amazing staff is constantly changing to meet the challenges we’re facing. We have the same mission, just accomplished in new ways. Today, we’re checking in with Community Outreach Director Bertha Cuyun, Legal Assistant Jessica Godoy, and Social Worker Isabel Juarez to chat about how the pandemic changed the way they work.

How has your job changed during the pandemic?

Bertha: At first it was quite frustrating because all of my work stopped. I moved from a job in the communities to an office job. I’ve been able to reinvent my job, develop new skills, and assist with projects to support the long-term sustainability of Dorie’s Promise. I’m confident we will resume working in communities in the future.

Jessica: Technology influences 100% of my job now. All court appointments and all notifications for our children now occur through Zoom or email.

Isabel:  In the beginning, I helped implement emergency routines for our kids, mainly concerning school schedules and healthy habits. Now, my job has shifted and I focus on helping our kids do well during the pandemic. I work with them individually and in groups to talk about how they’re feeling and how to live together well. We also make time for fun and I help with each month’s birthday party. Because all family visits have been canceled, I also facilitate video visits between biological families and their children.

Describe your daily routine.

Bertha: Right now, I work in the office 3 days each week and work from home the other 2 days. On days when I go into the office, I take advantage of my time away from home to run errands. Each Sunday, I have lunch with my father to check on him and stay connected.

Jessica: Most of my work is done online. I still go into the office a few days each week to compile reports. Even when I visit my mother, safety is one of my biggest priorities.

Isabel: Every day is different, but generally I coordinate activities for the children, other than schoolwork. Most days, we host video calls with biological families. Even now, I keep my individual reports up-to-date because they can be requested by the courts at any time and this helps Jessica’s work as well.

What challenges are you facing during the pandemic?

Bertha: Personally, I miss being able to hang out with my family and friends at work. Social distancing restrictions keep us apart. At first, grocery shopping was also chaotic.

Jessica: I used to visit with our children in the houses a lot. Now, I don’t go down very often because I want to be extra careful. I miss them, but I know it’s best to keep them safe.

Isabel:  God is good and has kept me and my family standing. Although the pandemic was something we did not expect, I am grateful that we have been able to face and respond to the needs of children we care for.

What’s helping you thrive during the pandemic?

Bertha: First of all, I trust God and pray this situation will pass soon. I choose to work with great enthusiasm, even when I’m at home and using Zoom. Staying connected to my family and friends as much as possible lifts my spirits.

Jessica: Being home was initially hard for me. Since then, I have been studying emotional intelligence, leadership, and stress management. For me, a busy mind is a happy mind. These studies help me be busy, but also will help me to be a better friend and coworker.

Isabel:  I try to take care of myself so I can take care of others. Emotionally, I feel good and strengthened by God.

How can we pray for you?

Bertha: Please pray that the pandemic ends soon, for my continued good health, and for even more opportunities to use my expanded skills at work.

Jessica: For my health, for patience and wisdom to strengthen my faith, and for the ability to leave everything in the hands of God. I pray that God will be the one who continues to fill my heart with love to responsibly do my work and love our children. I want to remember that my work is not for a paycheck but out of a passion for what I do and the gift of serving.

Isabel:  Thank you! I would like your prayers for us to have peace and love in each of our hearts and strength to move forward for the benefit of the children we care for, as well as our families.  I would also appreciate your prayers that God will continue to care for us and bless us.

Anything else you’d like to share:

Bertha: This pandemic helped me maintain my faith and trust in God. It allowed me to contribute new ideas that I have been able to carry out and thus contribute more to Dorie’s Promise. I want to thank each of the people who continue to support our work. Thanks to you, our needs are met. This crisis reminds us that God is faithful.

Isabel:  Although this situation is new for everyone, I believe that we have been able to face it thanks to teamwork and the effort each one of us makes. I would like to especially honor the work and efforts of the Special Mothers and teachers.

We have the same mission, just accomplished in new ways because of our staff. We’re thankful for the sacrifices each person has made this year on behalf of our children at Dorie’s Promise.

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