Rodrigo Joins Dorie’s Promise Staff

Rodrigo Joins Dorie’s Promise Staff

One of our big goals for 2022 is to add a Youth Pastor on staff at Dorie’s Promise. Although restrictions are lessening, it’s still difficult to take all our children to church. (Our church still has limited capacity.) We’re pleased to announce that Rodrigo has joined our Dorie’s Promise staff.

Meet Rodrigo

Rodrigo teaches a group of youth outdoors.

Those who visited Dorie’s Promise in the last 4 years, probably met Rodrigo. He’s the founder and director at Opportunities for San Nicolas, the community and tutoring center we partner with in rural Guatemala.

Within moments, visitors will be overwhelmed by Rodrigo’s passion for serving those in need. He especially feels calls to communities that may be otherwise forgotten. San Nicolas is an easily overlooked community. Situated between two larger municipalities, very few services from either reach the residents.

Rodrigo recognized the problems in San Nicolas and took action to help the residents. Community members now have access to tutoring, a small medical clinic, lunch for children, and contacts with partner organizations, like Dorie’s Promise, to meet larger needs.

Rodrigo’s Role at Dorie’s Promise

San Nicolas: Lessons in Work and Gratitude

Rodrigo will incorporate his passion for art, music, and spiritual studies into his work at Dorie’s Promise.

Although we originally sought a youth pastor, Rodrigo is bringing so much more. Not only will he meet with our children and lead devotions, but he will also serve as the art and music teacher for our homeschool program. This new position creates dedicated space in our school schedule for arts and religion, very important subjects we wanted to increase for our children.

After his first month with us, we can already see a difference in our children’s school experience. Those who worked with him in San Nicolas appreciate his ability to connect community work with their daily lives. Our boys enjoy having another strong male influence in our home. We all benefit from his thoughtful words and challenging lessons.

Rodrigo continues as the director of Opportunities for San Nicolas while also serving as Child Development Assistant at Dorie’s Promise. We’re excited to deeper the connection between Rodrigo, Dorie’s Promise, and Opportunities for San Nicolas.

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