Providing Medical Care

Our goal this year is to raise $32,400 to cover the costs for our medical program.

Here’s what that includes for the year:

  • $16,000 — Dr. Castro’s salary
  • $8,000 — Nurse salary
  • $1,400 — Office space
  • $2,000 — Supplies, prescriptions, medicine
  • $1,000 — Equipment
  • $4,000 — Emergency hospital fund

These medical costs are vital to the operation of Dorie’s Promise and our ability to care for all of our children.

“That may sound like a lot but when you break it down it is only about $75 per child each month to make sure all our children are receiving the best medical care possible,” says founder Heather Radu. “Our supporters have been so generous in the past that I am asking them to again consider a special gift.”

In his report last year Dr. Castro remarked, "Naturally, we treat acute illnesses—mostly minor injuries—and respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin problems. However, we are aware that children at our home also suffer from chronic conditions, usually identified when they arrive. Most are curable, but some problems remain and will “mark” a child forever. This is the case with children who have cerebral palsy or a congenital syndrome."

"The most common disorder is malnutrition, which affects a child’s stature, brain development, and sometimes his or her mental health. Of course, there is always hope. We often see the miracle called resilience. This is a phenomenon where—despite a miserable past, neglect and abuse—a child emerges to become a wonderful, affectionate human being."

This is a serious need. Imagine all the doctor visits you have for just one child—then multiply that by 40. Can you help? Click on the “Donate Now” link below and then write medical care in the comments box.



If you can make a donation, it will be appreciated by every child who relies on our care to make it through his or her formative years.

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