Our Thanks to You

Our thanks to you!

Thank you donors, sponsors and volunteers.This might be our favorite story of the year, the one where we share how thankful we are for everyone who supports Forever Changed International and Dorie’s Promise!

First, we want to sincerely thank all of our monthly sponsors and donors. Without your support Forever Changed International would not exist. We rely on donations for everything we do. Our staff, our homes, schooling, medical care, everything depends on the willingness of our donors.

Your generosity allows us to create homes that give our children a safe place to heal. Earlier this year we welcomed children into our home after the government orphanage fire because you responded to their need immediately. These children are happier and healthier now in our home.

Thank you for believing in the work we do and allowing us to represent you as we serve our children.

Next, we want to thank our trip participants this year who made huge impacts in our local communities. Hundreds of you visited our home and helped our partner communities. We were able to build two homes, deliver food baskets, provide water filters, help with much-needed home repairs, and invest in organizations we believe in. We also understand that for every person who visits our home there are many more at home who have helped support them financially, materially, and spiritually. To all those who visited our home and those who supported our participants, thank you for partnering with us in Guatemala and making a difference this year.

All of our children benefit from the generosity of our supporters.Finally, we want to share our most heartfelt thanks to our staff and volunteers both in Guatemala and stateside. You are the heart of our organization.

To everyone who works in Guatemala, we are so thankful for your dedication every day on behalf of our children. Your love for our children is unprecedented and we could not care for our children without you. Thank you for loving our children as your own and giving them a home where they are can thrive.

To our stateside staff, board members, and volunteers, your efforts are rarely seen but always felt. Thank you for tirelessly working behind the scenes to keep our organization running and helping to guide us towards our dream of helping even more children in Guatemala.

This Thanksgiving holiday we are thankful for you and wish the best to you and your family!

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