Our Mid-year School Update

Our Mid-year School Update

While most people in the U.S. are enjoying their summer break, our kids are only halfway through their school year. Remember, our school year in Guatemala runs from January through late October to early November.

Recently, Lucky, our teacher at Dorie’s Promise, shared great news about our kids and their hard work so far this year.

Off to a great start

Doing homework at Dorie's Promise

Our kids are all doing great this year in school. Everyone is working hard and doing their best, even with their more difficult classes like math. Although each of our children is challenged by a different aspect of school, finding schools with varied learning environments allows them to feel more successful and enjoy school more. Success in school encourages confidence in every other aspect of their lives.

Lucky has noticed an increase in their independence and desire to learn this year. Watching our kids discover new information and learn how to do activities for the first time is one of the best parts of her job. 

“Each day is a new challenge for them and it is a privilege for me to be there to help them.”  Lucky plays a vital role in preparing our children for the future as independent adults.

A glimpse into Lucky’s world

Lucky, the teacher at Dorie's Promise.

With the help of our Special Mothers, Lucky keeps up with the schoolwork for all of our kids. Imagine keeping up with homework and projects for 30 kids, from Kindergarten to high school. Over the last few years, she’s created a daily schedule to manage the many needs of our kids.

  • Each day begins with a check of the school websites for homework or projects sent home electronically.
  • Then, Lucky works with our preschoolers and homeschooled children.
  • After school, our kids report to Lucky’s classroom by school group.
  • Each child finds their spot in the class, Lucky checks their homework planners and school folders, and they complete their homework with her assistance.
  • After the entire group is finished, the next school group comes to the classroom and starts their homework.

Hard work is paying off

Although everyone is making good progress this year, Lucky has noticed a few of our children putting in extra effort. Nayeli, Myra, Ulises, Flor, Merary, Aracely, and Jennifer have all worked really hard to get even further ahead. Not only are they doing the work expected from their teachers, these kids are pushing themselves to learn more and be some of the best students in their schools.

Nayeli received a special acknowledgment as one of the best students in her school and finished second in the spelling bee.

Myra is the top student in her school so far this year. She’s making great progress towards her dream of being a doctor.

We’re proud of them for working hard, providing a good example to our other kids, and being kindhearted.

Join us in praying for our kids

Doing homework.

A few months ago, four siblings joined our home as foster children. Please pray with us for their future as we await their first court hearing.

Meanwhile, Lucky and our Special Mothers are helping them transition into our home and keep up with studies at home.

Lucky also asks “for your prayers for our children, so they can grow in knowledge and wisdom to make good decisions in their life.”

Thank you for keeping our children in your prays as they grow and become independent young adults.

We’re thankful for Lucky’s dedication to our children’s education. Help us continue offering the best education to our children by becoming a sponsor today.

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