Medical Update: Estela’s Recent Surgery

Medical Update: Estela’s Recent Surgery

Visitors to our home probably remember Estela, even if they don’t remember her name. She’s part of our Dorie’s Promise family as a foster child. Most notably, she’s also one of the leaders of our “pre-school girl welcoming committee.” Walk through our gate and she will be one of the first children who comes running up the hill with big hugs, silly faces, and giggles.

In August, our sweet Estela had emergency surgery. We’re happy to share that the surgery went well and she is home recovering.

Early Diagnosis

A few weeks ago, our normally silly Estela wasn’t feeling well. With a house full of children, we’re accustomed to normal, occasional sicknesses. The Special Mothers contacted Doc Castro and he monitored her symptoms for a few hours.

Having an upset stomach is manageable, but Doc was concerned that she could be suffering from acute appendicitis. Although, he can evaluate her in his office, making a definitive diagnosis is difficult with small children who aren’t able to explain their pain clearly and without additional tests.

Estela’s nausea and abdominal pain didn’t subside. Doc decided to seek help from his long-time colleague and obtain additional tests at the local hospital.

Early the next morning, Estela and her Special Mother Myra went to the local hospital where Dr. Gonzalez, a pediatric surgeon, met them. Shortly after their arrival, a series of lab tests and scans confirmed Doc’s suspicions. Estela was suffering from acute appendicitis and was promptly taken into surgery.

Home and Recuperating

Thanks to the quick actions of our Special Mothers, Doc’s thorough evaluation, and Dr. Gonzalez’s diagnosis, Estela’s illness was discovered and treated without complications.

Estela spent a short time in the hospital being observed after her surgery and then returned home. We’re especially thankful that her Special Mother Myra stayed at the hospital with her the entire time. Hospitals are scary for all us, but especially for children. Having Myra there helped Estela remain calm. We’re also thankful for the doctors and nurses who stepped in quickly to help Estela when she arrived. Their quick attention allowed her to be treated before complications developed.

Estela is back home at Dorie’s Promise and recuperating. Being a healthy, strong, and happy little girl is making all the difference in her recovery. We’re sure she will be back to her normal silly antics very soon.

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