Josue is Excited about the Future

Josue is Excited about the Future

This is a great time for Josue! He recently turned 10 years old and had a life-changing surgery that will improve his health and his confidence. We are so happy for him! As always, Josue is taking everything with a big smile and a quiet resilience that inspires everyone in the house.

Cheerful expectations about the future

The future is looking so hopeful for Josue, and we are taking a page out of his book and cheerfully anticipating what is to come.

Josue has been struggling with health issues since infancy. He was born with congenital urinary and intestinal tract anomalies, requiring constant care. Even as we’ve given him the best treatment and have cared for him dearly, his condition has taken a toll on his confidence, because he feels different from the other children and is not always able to play with them or join in every activity.

Over the years, he’s had several treatments for his serious medical condition, not always responding well to them. Sometimes, despite treatment, his bladder function decreased instead of improving, putting him at risk for further kidney damage. 

His current treatments are very important and he is even doing better than expected! 

After an exploratory procedure, his doctors cleared him for his first surgery from which he has been recovering so well. This prepares him for further medical treatments that will finally improve his health and his ability to play and interact with other children. This is not just a health battle, it’s an emotional battle too, one that he is always fighting with a smile!

A happy child calls for a happy recovery

He has been recovering at home, in Brayan’s room to have more privacy. When we talk to him, we see a happy child who wants to talk about games and playing adventures rather than surgeries. 

It is such a joy to know that our happy boy will get to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, having endured so many difficulties with a smile on his face. Gaining confidence will make this smile an even bigger gift to all of us who know and love him.

Please join us in prayer for Josue’s recovery and future medical treatments, and for his spirit to be filled with joy and patience.

If you would like to send an encouraging note to join this cheerful and hopeful season, please e-mail Josue. We will make sure he gets your message. We know he will read them with a smile on his face 🙂

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