January 2022 Birthday Updates

January 2022 Birthday Updates

Our 2022 birthday celebrations are starting big with 5 birthday kids! Today, we’re sharing updates about Alejandra, Brayan, Marta, Santiago, and Silvia.

🎂 Alejandra

What are some of her favorite activities? Alejandra is Silvia’s teammate on the basketball court. She loves to play sports and is sure to include our little kids on her team. Recently, she found a love for bracelet making as well. Her designs are beautiful.

What is she looking forward to? Alejandra is excited about starting school again. Her friends are now in high school and she’s looking forward to having more time to talk with them and make new friends. Outside of school, she also enjoys spending time with Jessica. They laugh a lot every time they’re together.

From our staff, how does Alejandra make you laugh? Alejandra finds joy in the smallest things in life. If you’re having a bad day, Alejandra will surely try to make you smile from ear to ear.

🎂 Brayan

What are some of his favorite activities? As you may know, Brayan started helping with maintenance work at Dorie’s Promise. Since graduating from culinary school, he’s been helping Marcos.  No matter whether it’s moving furniture or cleaning, Brayan truly enjoys serving Marcos, the kids, and our Special Mothers. However, the thing he loves most is being everyone’s big brother and playing with the boys in the backyard.

What’s something he’s looking forward to? He just graduated but is already excited to do more with his culinary education. Once places reopen, he will have more opportunities. In the meantime, he’s looking forward to helping with our mission teams this summer and projects in the community. Brayan has a lot he wants to accomplish in the next year.

From our staff, how does he make you proud? What can we say? Brayan was so little when he came to Dorie’s Promise and now he’s in his 20s. He is such a kind and caring person who always finds ways to help and give back all the love he has received. He’s a wonderful role model for our younger children.  

🎂 Marta

What makes you happy? Marta loves to spend time outside. Whether she’s soaking in some sun, helping Jennifer with her gardening, or talking with Yohana or Merari, her day is always full of fun activities to do. During school breaks, she enjoys taking laps around our neighborhood with the Special Mothers to get some fresh air and break up her normal routine.

What is she looking forward to? Marta really enjoys school and she’s extremely excited for her last year of middle school. She’s also looking forward to Christmas this year, we just finished celebrating but she’s already counting down the days until the holiday season.

From our staff, how does Marta make you proud? Marta is really goofy. It may not seem like it at first glance but she’s always making jokes and being silly, which makes our home more fun. She’s also a good conversationalist, the kind of person you can talk to for hours and never run out of topics. She’s a great influence on our other children, listens well to others, and offers amazing insight.  

🎂 Santiago

Who does he enjoy spending time with most? Santiago is such an active and sweet kid. He loves playing with Sebastián most of all. They are always up to something and have a shared love for Paw Patrol and cowboys.

What makes him happy? Believe it or not, he enjoys listening to stories, especially Bible stories. He’s also quite the artist, making us lots of amazing crayon drawings. When he wants something more active, he loves to drive his remote-controlled car.

From our staff, how does Santiago brighten your day? Santiago is such a little cutie. He doesn’t talk much but sometimes out of nowhere, you’ll hear his little giggle and see his big smile.

🎂 Silvia

What are some of her favorite activities? Sports in general are some of Silvia’s favorite activities. Right now, she’s enjoying the new basketball court in our backyard.

What is she looking forward to? Silvia is extremely excited to help even more in the kitchen and learn to cook more dishes with our amazing chef. Like many of our kids, she´s also excited to spend time with our summer mission teams.

From our staff, how does Silvia make you proud? Although she is often reserved, Silvia is always looking out for others. She very much cares for the other girls and enjoys spending time with them and helping the little ones. We very much enjoy when she hangs out with us in the office.

Happy birthday Alejandra, Brayan, Marta, Santiago, and Silvia.

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