Her Health Is In Your Hands

You know what it is like to hold a brand-new baby in your arms. There is something really special about the moment. Holding that baby just reminds you of the fragility of life.      

Now imagine holding a very sick little baby girl — just days old. Her mother and father are gone for good. Her lungs are weak, she struggles to breathe.

That’s what it was like for Dr. Castro this last July when we found out Dulce Maria was coming to Dorie’s Promise.

She arrived as the smallest bundle we’ve ever seen. It was plain to see she was very sick.

Almost immediately she began having difficulty breathing at night. In fact, at one point it was really bad. We called Dr. Castro. He contacted the nurse right away and had little Dulce Maria put on oxygen. At midnight the same night, we rolled the oxygen into her room to allow her to breathe easier.

Dr. Castro suspected pneumonia after he examined Dulce Maria, so he sent her to the hospital — his diagnosis was confirmed. She received treatment and is now back at Dorie’s Promise, where Dr. Castro continues to monitor her health, growth, and development.

Because of Dr. Castro, Dulce Maria is alive and a major health crisis was averted. Without him, and the rest of our medical team, we would have nowhere to go to address our needs for healthcare.

That’s why I want to ask you for help. Our goal this year is to raise $32,400 to cover the costs for our medical program.

Here’s what that includes for the year:

  • $16,000 — Dr. Castro’s salary
  • $8,000 — Nurse salary
  • $1,400 — Office space
  • $2,000 — Supplies, prescriptions, medicine
  • $1,000 — Equipment
  • $4,000 — Emergency hospital fund

These medical costs are vital to the operation of Dorie’s Promise and our ability to care for all of our children.

Our goal is to have Dorie’s Promise covered 100 percent by sponsorships, but we are not there yet … and this is so important that I must ask for your help today.

Please prayerfully consider helping with a special gift today. I don’t know what you are able to give. It seems everyone I talk with is completely engaged in the election right now, and I understand why that happens. I would simply ask that you pray about this and consider something special. Every gift matters as we work to get these medical costs covered.

Maybe you have the ability to give $500 — or $1,000. You might be more comfortable giving a gift of $100 or $50. Or maybe God is putting it on your heart to completely cover one of the items I’ve listed. Whatever your situation, I only ask that you give what is right in your heart. If you are ready to give today CLICK HERE.

Thank you for all that you have done — for sharing our heart’s desire to care for Guatemalan orphans. Our children love and appreciate your prayers and financial support. You make a difference that will last!


Heather Radu



P.S.  Dulce Maria was a sick little girl. I honestly wasn’t sure she was going to make it. I know having her in Dr. Castro’s loving hands saved her life. We are blessed to have him on our team.

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