Get to Know Our Special Mothers: Mama Lorena

Get to Know Our Special Mothers: Mama Lorena

Have you ever wondered why we call the ladies who work in our homes “Special Mothers”?

They are special, and many are mothers, but there is something more to these women. It takes a very special person to care for someone else’s children as if they are your own, and that is what the Special Mothers do for our children. These very special women work alternating days, caring for our children.

They are the ones who celebrate successes, kiss boo-boos, pray with our children, discipline our children, and hold them when painful memories are too much to handle. They stand in the gap between the biological families who aren’t able to care for these children and an uncertain future.

Meet Mama Lorena

Mama Lorena with Jenny at her Quinceañera.

For the last 17 years, Mama Lorena has been a fixture at Dorie’s Promise. We can’t imagine our home without her.

At just 19 years old, Mama Lorena joined our staff, helping to care for the many children who lived in our home at the time. She followed in the footsteps of her sister, Mama Diana, who was the first Special Mother hired when our home opened in 2000. Together, they are an amazing pair of women. We’re thankful Diana recommended Lorena for our home.

Although she’s quiet, Mama Lorena has a huge heart for our children and loves to pour into their lives. She’s loving, fun, and dedicated to giving them the best care. At first, visitors might be deceived by her quiet demeanor, but when you get to know her, Mama Lorena has a laugh that fills the room with joy and enjoys the times when she can play with our kids and help them be creative. Some days you’ll even catch her doing Zumba with the kids.

Over the last 17 years, she’s experienced major changes at Dorie’s Promise. For the first 5 years, our home was filled primarily with babies and toddlers, all of whom were waiting to be united with their adoptive families.

For the last 12 years, she’s been part of helping us raise our children. She’s watched as the babies she once cared for grew into teens and are approaching adulthood.

Mama Lorena fixes Silvia's hair.

You might suspect she has a favorite time or group of children at Dorie’s Promise, but you’re wrong. According to Mama Lorena, she thoroughly enjoyed both types of work at Dorie’s Promise, caring for small children and raising tweens and teens, so much so that she can’t choose a favorite.

All of her work with us has been special in very unique ways. She loves working with small children and enjoys when they are united with adoptive families. Now, she enjoys having the opportunity to invest more deeply with our children. Many of our children now live with us for several years. Their extended stay gives Mama Lorena the ability to develop deep relationships with them and help them grow and become confident young adults.

Working in our home and helping our children overcome obstacles allows her to fulfill her personal purpose. Throughout the day, she often prays for our children. Whether for a special need, a current struggle, or our children’s futures, her faith and dedication is evident in how she works and the way she cares for our children. Her favorite activity is spending time doing devotions with our children, helping them learn about God, the Bible, and their personal faith. She is a strong, faithful presence in our homes.

We are thankful beyond words for Mama Lorena’s dedication to our children for the last 17 years. Without faithful staff members like Lorena, our home would not be the same and our children would not receive the overwhelming love they need.

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