Efrain has Cataract Surgery

By Desi Stephens

Last week we experienced a real-life demonstration of why our campaign to raise $31,000 by Dec. 31 to adequately fund the medical program at Dorie’s Promise is so important.

Seven-year-old Efrain had surgery recently on his left eye because of cataracts. Surgeons removed the lens and anterior capsule and implanted an artificial lens. A Nov. 8 check-up showed good results.

“The surgeons see a good outcome so far,” says Dr. Francisco Castro, our medical director.

“Due to his body language, general reactions, and eye reactions, my first clinical impression is that—for the first time—Efrain is showing clear interest in his surroundings and the doctors’ and nurses’ faces.”

Not only is Efrain starting to visualize images, after a few months, Dr. Castro expects him to be healed. And, to be able to develop further skills.

“I hope he will able to manage some abstract understanding,” Dr. Castro says. “This will help him progress with personal development, even though he will still have a chromosome disorder and developmental delay.”

Mama Miriam, one of our Special Mothers, calls it “amazing” to see Efrain trying to follow lights and sounds for the first time.

“When I try to get close to him he is more alert than before,” agrees Mama Carol. “I guess it is because for the first time in his life he is seeing shapes and colors.”

Director Alejandra Diaz says there is nothing that makes her happier than knowing that Dorie’s Promise is changing lives forever.

“We just did something for Efrain that will literally change his way to see the world,” Alej says. “Is that not enough reason to keep committed and working and doing my best for all our children, every day?”

This progress cheers our hearts and shows why funding for our medical program is so vital.

The outcome of Efrain’s surgery marks the second time this fall that we have seen amazing results because of this initiative. The other was Abraham, a child who had been ill regularly since coming here last year.

Quick action by his Special Mother and Dr. Castro helped keep him breathing before he was rushed to a private hospital for treatment of pneumonia.

The question is: where would Abraham be today without this special help? We hate to think of the answer.

When considering how medical care has brightened the future for so many children, we think it offers a cost-benefit ratio that would make any business proud.

“Our supporters have been so generous in the past,” says founder Heather Radu. “I am confident they will again help us meet this needs with special gifts.”

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