Education Report

By Claudia Roncal-

Today, I want to give you a report on the educational programs in which our children at Dorie’s Promise are involved.  These programs cover three main areas: Home schooling, Preschool, and our School Support Program.

Home Schooling

Mirna, our 15-year-old student, is the only child currently involved in our home schooling program.  She participates in a distance education program, and receives teaching based on a 3rd grade level curriculum.  Her curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • Spanish
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Music
  • English
  • Art

Her typical school day is divided into two parts: one-to-one tutoring and individual study.  Her tutoring sessions run for two hours in the morning, when she covers specific topics of study with her tutor.  For two hours in the afternoon, Mirna engages in the assignments and homework given by her tutor for individual study.

Additionally, Mirna assists the individual in charge of Child Development as a complement to her regular studies.  This gives Mirna a chance to learn about Child Development and to be in an environment where she is given responsibilities.

Future goals for our homeschooling program are to include visits to museums, a computer class, research projects, developing a life plan, and other roles in which students can be assigned responsibilities.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program serves seven children between ages 5-7.  The objective for the program is to give all children an education that meets or exceeds national standards while meeting specific individual needs.

Education within this program includes the following subjects:

  • Motor skills
  • Environmental Education
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Emotional Development
  • Art
  • Spirituality
  • Speech Development

The goal is to prepare these children to transfer to a formal school outside of Dorie’s Promise after one year in the program.  Other goals are based on the needs of individual children, including family dynamics, coping skills, speech therapy, and gender roles.

School Support Program

The school support program includes four boys and eleven girls who attend schools outside of Dorie’s Promise.  This program provides needed interventions for girls and boys who may need additional assistance integrating into a new and challenging academic and social environment.

The schools that children in this program are attending are:

  • Shaddai
  • Escuela Nivel Parvulario Pública
  • Colegio Kipling

We develop individualized agendas for each child in the school support program to ensure that they are doing well academically, socially, and developmentally.  Agendas are a guide for us to use while children work on homework and reading assignments.  These agendas are also used to ensure communication lines with these schools remain open about meetings, events, and any special concerns regarding each respective child.

Child Development Program

This program serves six children between the ages 2-3.  Within the current structure, children participate in activities lasting two hours daily for 10 hours per week.  The program is designed specifically to foster the development of age-related skills and milestones, and takes place in specific areas like the play room, the preschool room, and some outdoor areas like the garden, depending on the activities scheduled for the day.

Our Education Programs provide much-needed support to children who are in a sensitive and sometimes challenging academic and social environment.  We hope to continue to support the development of the children under our care through the continuation of these programs.

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