Diego and Angel’s Summer at Dorie’s Promise

Diego and Angel’s Summer at Dorie’s Promise

Recent visitors to Dorie’s Promise will recognize Diego and Angel. These little brothers, 2 and 5 years old respectively, spent the summer with us in our home. and were reunited with them, later in August.

Easing the Pain of Separation

Diego and Angel missed their family deeply. While they were with us, we showered the boys with love and attention. From their years of experience, our Special Mothers realize how challenging it is for children to be in a new home, separated from their families. Many of our older boys remember how it feels to be new and little as well. They were gracious to both boys and tried to make them feel welcome.

The first couple of weeks were hard. Prone to cry and not willing to engage with others, the boys were feeling the full effects of separation from their family. Thankfully, they were also taking in the full effects of our home’s love. Soon, they were enjoying their time with us, playing in the backyard with the other boys, and eating with a very good appetite!

We trust their time with us was well spent. Angel participated in lessons with our homeschooled preschoolers. He is a very smart little boy and serious about completing projects. Meanwhile, Diego toddled around and soon became the house baby who enjoyed being carried around by the older boys and chasing soccer balls in the backyard. Although it wasn’t easy to get a smile from him, he grew very confident playing and being part of everyday activities.

Reunited as a Family

After court hearings and procedures, the boys were recently able to return home. The boys were delighted to be reunited with their family.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to look after, love, and nourish Diego and Angel in their time away from home. As they reconnect with their family, we pray this experience helps them grow closer to their family and serves as a period of rest and encouragement for everyone.

These are the times when we can reflect upon the work we do and the love we show to children who desperately need it. We’re reminded how opportunities to welcome and nurture boys and girls create an everlasting impact on their lives.

¡Adiós Angel and Diego! You will be truly missed!

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