Congratulations Flor and Mateo!

Congratulations Flor and Mateo!

Flor and Mateo’s greatest desire has been fulfilled. 💕 After several years of mentorship and building strong bonds, a local couple is adopting Flor and Mateo. Flor and Mateo joined their forever family several weeks ago.

Flor and Mateo Believe in Family

Flor at Dorie's Promise with some other childrenAlthough we miss Flor and Mateo tremendously, our excitement for them is overwhelming. Since the moment they joined us 4 years ago, their desire was clear—Flor and Mateo wanted to be adopted together. They wanted a family of their own.

The probability of a teenager being adopted is low in Guatemala. Finding someone to adopt 2 teenage siblings is even more difficult.

Flor and Mateo believed a family was waiting for them. They were right.

We believe God connects us with people to reveal his goodness. For the last few years, a local couple has been volunteering at Dorie’s Promise as mentors. Their regular visits built a genuine connection with our children and deep bonds, especially with Flor and Mateo.

After much prayer and discussion, they approached our staff about the Guatemalan adoption process. Today, Flor and Mateo are part of their new family.

A Few Things We Miss about Flor and Mateo

Mateo with some other children at Dorie's Promise.The way Flor pretended not to know English, only to come back to you a few hours later grinning and speaking in perfect English.

Mateo’s cool confidence.

Flor’s quiet strength.

The way we could still get teenage Mateo to laugh by acting silly.

Flor’s fierce loyalty for those she loved.

Mateo stepping into the role of big brother so easily.

The challenge of getting these two to smile in a picture at the same time.

Their love of learning and the opportunity to dream with them about the awesome goals they’ll achieve.

Congratulations Flor and Mateo! We love you and we’re thankful for the time God gave us with you. God bless you and your family.

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