Celebrating Our October Birthday Kids

Celebrating Our October Birthday Kids

October was a fun month, filled with lots of cool moments with our kids. In September Sebastian was our only birthday kid. Last month, we celebrated 5 birthdays!

We hope you enjoy these fun updates from our October birthday kids – Myra, Carlos, Sofía, Omar, and Marcos.

🎂 Myra

What are some of her favorite activities? Myra loves to spend time studying more and more about her medical career. Even though classes are finished, she is doing extra practice to continue her learning.

What is she looking forward to? Myra is excited to start college next year. She’s anxiously waiting to be accepted so she can start as soon as possible.

What makes her happy? She loves to play soccer with the little kids and spend time with them in the backyard.

From our staff, how does Myra make you proud? Everyone is extremely proud of Myra as the best big sister there is. She’s always joyful with the other kids and loves to help with everything that she can. The little girls look up to her.

🎂 Carlos

What are his favorite activities? Carlos loves to play with Legos and build all sorts of things with them. He’s also a really good marble player. Most of all, he enjoys running around and being goofy and silly.

Is he enjoying school? Carlos just finished 1st grade and now he’s just enjoying his school break. He learned a lot about math this year and is excited for next year. Addition and subtraction were a bit hard, but he pushed through.

From our staff, what does she do to make you laugh? What doesn’t he make us laugh about? He’s such a funny kid and his laugh is contagious. Plus, he loves to talk so when he’s not making you laugh, he’s ready with a story to tell. Carlos is an all-around happy kid, full of energy and laughter.

🎂 Sofía

What are her favorite games and activities right now? She likes to do just about anything and can always have fun. Dinosaurs are one of her favorite toys. She enjoys joking around and being a little goofball. You can’t keep a straight face whenever you’re with her.

What did she enjoy most about school this year? Sofia loved learning new words and creating anything if it was colorful. She’s really good at spelling and drawing numbers and letters.

From our staff, how would you describe Sofia? She’s such a leader, but also has a big heart. Whether it’s a little card she made, help with chores, or a nice big hug, Sofia makes sure we know how much she loves us.

🎂 Omar

What are his favorite games and activities right now? Omar is a little gamer. When he’s not playing video games, Omar also loves to practice writing. He loves to read and transcribe storybooks in his special handwriting. Over the last year, he’s started knitting as well.

What did he enjoy most about school this year? He really enjoyed solving new math problems. Most of all, he loved designing his homework folder. He spent a lot of time creating it and was super proud of the result.

From our staff, what does he do to make you laugh? Omar is a little quiet but whenever you’re with him you feel at ease. He’s a happy kid and is always thinking about others.

🎂 Marcos

What are some of his favorite things? He really likes to play with yo-yos and eat a lot. Little chocolate cakes are his favorite. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a good Guatemalan chocolate cake?

What was his favorite part about school this year? He loved doing arts and crafts. One of his favorite projects was to make a crane out of paper and then paint it. There were also a lot of cool science experiments he enjoyed also.

What are his favorite activities? He loves to exercise. Quite often he’s in the backyard running laps, doing jumping jacks, or playing soccer. If it’s a sport, Marcos can do it and have a fun time.

From our staff, what is special about him? Marcos is unique. He’s unapologetically himself and very charming. He also loves to help around the house. Although he’s energetic, he enjoys hanging out and spending time watching tv with the other boys.

Happy Birthday Myra, Carlos, Sofía, Omar, and Marcos!

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