Bringing Mentors & Children Together -SOMOS Program at Dorie’s Promise

Bringing Mentors & Children Together -SOMOS Program at Dorie’s Promise

Everyone needs a mentor—someone to guide, advise, and inspire during times of uncertainty. This is precisely what the SOMOS program at Iglesia Reforma aims to achieve for the children of Dorie’s Promise. Let’s delve into this exceptional initiative.

The Mission of SOMOS

Overseen by Iglesia Reforma, a Guatemala City-based Christian church focused on the gospel, the SOMOS Program trains mentors to support children and teenagers in protective care. The goal is simple yet profound: to foster lasting connections through regular, supportive visits. These mentors become a reliable, mature presence in the lives of these children, often filling a gap left by absent family connections.

For many children at Dorie’s Promise, regular visits from relatives are scarce, if not non-existent. This makes it vital for them to feel heard and supported by someone beyond their immediate circle. The SOMOS Program steps in to bridge this gap by creating meaningful friendships and connections for these children.

Mentor Preparation and Impact

Commitment is key in this mission. The program carefully trains mentors through modules that assess their psychological and vocational suitability for engaging with children from challenging backgrounds. The mentor’s journey involves filling out an application, attending the Competent Care in Trauma (CCT) course, and undergoing evaluation through CUIDA to ensure they are well-equipped for the role. The ideal mentor embodies qualities such as immense love, dedication, and proactive engagement.

Presently, 10 SOMOS mentors assist 12 children at Dorie’s Promise, sometimes working with groups of siblings simultaneously. Some mentor-child relationships span two years or more, providing invaluable experiences. This interaction not only exposes children to the love of God but also offers crucial support during different stages of their growth. Mentors, too, find profound lessons and experiences through these interactions, as children often teach the deepest life lessons.

The Impact of SOMOS on our Future

Dorie’s Promise is committed to continuing this program, recognizing its positive impact on the lives of their children. By inviting individuals willing to give unconditional love, time, and care, the program aims to show our children that they are surrounded by a community that genuinely cares.

To the mentors who have dedicated themselves to this mission: thank you for being a beacon of love and support for our children.

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