Brayan Graduates Culinary School

Brayan Graduates Culinary School

🎓 Three of our kids are graduating this year. This week, we’re highlighting Brayan’s graduation from culinary school.

The Recipe for Passion and Hard Work

Brayan in 2021 at Dorie's Promise

Brayan is notorious for his joyful and kind personality. He enjoys helping people and making them happy, especially through food! In addition to helping with maintenance at Dorie’s Promise, Brayan completed a culinary school program via Zoom this year. In his spare time, he’s also enrolled in an entrepreneurial animation workshop.

His favorite part of culinary school has been learning to make delicious desserts. Learning to make a wide variety of dishes filled his days with hard work but he is really proud of everything he learned and created.

Similar to what Aracely shared with us in last week’s story, one of the biggest challenges for Brayan was taking online classes, especially putting everything he learned into practice without his teacher in the same space. Brayan’s biggest culinary challenge was one of Guatemala’s most iconic dishes, pepián. We’re happy to share, he successfully conquered the dish.

What’s Next?

Brayan has many passions and wants to pursue something related to art while also further honing his craft in the culinary world. One of his biggest dreams is to serve and help other people as a missionary.

He is extremely grateful to everyone at Dorie’s Promise for the help they’ve given him. Brayan has always found everything he needs, but moreover he’s most grateful for the values he was taught and the love he received.

Brayan has spent most of his life at Dories Promise and has always longed for a family. He now realizes that everyone at Dorie’s Promise is his family and they have always been cheering him on.

So Many People to Thank

Brayan has been a big brother to the other children at Dorie's Promise.

Brayan is especially thankful for all the people he’s met and who’ve helped him throughout the years. Abel is one of the most influential people in his life, always giving advice, watching over him, and being there through thick and thin. Since he was little, Brayan has been able to count on Abel.

Brayan has become the man he is today thanks to the help of Dorie’s Promise. He credits all that he has and all that he has learned to the love and support he has always found in this place he proudly calls his home.

Most importantly, he’s thankful God brought him to Dorie’s Promise. Thank you to the staff, his “siblings” at Dorie’s Promise, the donors who have helped him, and missionaries who have visited.

He would like everyone to pray for his life and for his future. He wants to seek the path that God has for him, while continually working to be better and influencing the world around him.

The staff at Forever Changed International and Dorie’s Promise would like to thank each person who has supported Brayan and helped us give him the opportunity to pursue his dreams.

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