A Giving Visit


We received a great note recently from Sally Wagner, one of our Forever Moms. We think it will bring a smile to your face — it did to ours…

Wagner FamilyOur son, Carlos, was adopted … in 2005. When we visited Dorie’s Promise in March this past year (Carlos’ first visit back since coming home with us), he was at first nervous about visiting where he had been as a baby. He relaxed when he had a chance to play soccer with a few boys while we were there.

When we received the recent sponsorship mailing with pictures of the children, Carlos immediately (and very confidently) picked out Brayan as the boy he said he played with.

Even though Carlos didn’t know much Spanish, Brayan did a wonderful job communicating with him and making Carlos feel very comfortable. We are very happy to help support Brayan.

Here is why we loved hearing from Sally:

  • We got to see our Carlos again! It delights our souls when we get to see “our kids” happy and thriving, and Carlos certainly is.
  • We love that Brayan was able to give a little of himself to Carlos. Brayan really is a wonderful boy. Because of Brayan’s giving and loving spirit, Carlos was better able to enjoy his visit through this special bond.
  • Anytime one of the kids gets sponsorship, we rejoice, but this sponsorship is particularly special: to think that Carlos and Brayan would have once been brothers here at Dorie’s Promise, and now they are brothers in the Kingdom! Now, Carlos gets to give a gift back to his buddy and to the place that was once his own home.

This is a circle of life for which we can only praise God … and say thank you to the Wagners.



“It was apparent that both of them shared a passion for soccer. They had a great time playing together.” (Carlos — holding the soccer ball in the shadow)

—Sally Wagner

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