Welcoming Dereck, Suleika, and Edgar

Welcoming Dereck, Suleika, and Edgar

What a summer! An amazing family adopted Flor and Mateo. Estella connected with her younger brother and they were adopted the same week. Now, help us welcome Dereck, Suleika, and Edgar to Dorie’s Promise.

These 3 sweet siblings joined us in July. It’s time you get to know them better.


DereckDereck is 8 years old and a very sweet, very protective big brother.

What are his favorite activities? He enjoys creative activities most—especially playing with toy animals and doing crafts. Plus, he spends a lot of time watching over his little brother.

Who has he connected with at Dorie’s Promise? Dereck’s favorite friend so far is Alejandra. She went out of her way to welcome him and makes sure to include him and his siblings in activities.

What classes is he taking? Currently, our teachers are tutoring Dereck independently. We hope to receive his school records at our first court appointment. After reviewing his records, we can choose the best school program for him going forward.

From our staff, how would you describe Dereck? He is a very trustworthy boy and very protective of his siblings. He also connects very well with the Special Mothers.


SuleikaSuleika is a sweet, energetic 4-year-old little girl.

What are her favorite activities? Everything at Dorie’s Promise is an adventure for her. She couldn’t pick favorites.

Who are her favorite friends? Suleika loves attention. So far, she seems to have won the hearts of everyone in our home.

What is her favorite color? She is a girly girl. Pink is definitely her favorite color. Most days, she chooses clothes with at least a little bit of pink and loves to show them off.

From our staff, how would you describe Suleika? She’s a charming and very outgoing little girl.


Edgar is a quiet 1-year-old, making him the youngest child in our home.


How is he adjusting to Dorie’s Promise? He’s a very calm little boy and likes to play alone with blocks. He isn’t quite sure about all these energetic kids yet. Being the littlest kid means he’s also becoming the most spoiled.

Who does he enjoy playing with? Edgar, Santiago, and Sebastian make a very funny trio. So far, the boys have taught him how to climb on chairs and play games in our backyard.

What does he like to eat? So far, he enjoys chicken and vegetables the most.

From our staff, how would you describe Edgar? He is a quiet baby. He only says a few words but he understands everything going on around him. Although he hasn’t completely opened up to us yet, we can tell he feels more comfortable every day.

We’re excited to have Dereck, Suleika, and Edgar with us at Dorie’s Promise. Please pray for a continued smooth transition for the children and wisdom for our staff as we learn more about their needs.

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