The Privilege of Raising Strong Young Women: Aracely

The Privilege of Raising Strong Young Women: Aracely

Aracely and Abraham's arrival at Dories PromiseAs we go throughout our normal routines, sometimes we forget how much change we’ve experienced during our time serving in Guatemala. Especially after we transitioned to orphan care, the amount of change witnessed in the lives of the children in our home increased exponentially. No longer temporary caregivers, we are now a family raising amazing children.

In February 2009, 7-year-old Aracely carried her infant brother into the offices at Dorie’s Promise with her 2 younger sisters also in tow. Walking with social workers, she was calm, quiet, reserved, but amazingly strong. In fact, she didn’t really want anyone else to care for her siblings. We could see immediately that Aracely was a strong little girl with a huge heart and amazing potential. She loved her siblings fiercely and wanted to make sure they were well taken care of, being more concerned for them than herself. (Some of our supporters may know her as Ingrid, she now prefers to be called Aracely.)

As we near 10 years caring for Aracely and her younger siblings, it’s amazing to see how God has shaped that strong little girl into a beautiful, confident young woman.

Aracely has been at Dorie's Promise for 10 years.If you have a chance to sit and watch the children at Dorie’s Promise, you’ll quickly realize that Aracely is a natural leader. She may not always be the child at the center of the group, but she can quietly direct others. Not only because she’s the oldest girl, but also because she carries a quiet, confidence with her. She doesn’t need to be loud or outspoken. Instead, she comes beside other children and directs them.

Thanks to our faithful supporters, Aracely has attended one of the best private Christian schools in Guatemala City. With the support of her teachers, she has become an amazing student. She does well in her classes, especially loving science, English, and world history.

Her love of other cultures and languages is especially helpful with our mission teams. She is a huge help to our teams during activities with our kids, often translating for team members. Working with Aracely is fun.

Watching her become a strong young woman has been amazing. During the last decade, we’ve watched her grow into herself and fully develop as an independent young woman. She’s become someone the other children look up to and whom the staff appreciates and trusts. I can’t imagine visiting our home and not spending time with Aracely, she’s just that special.

Aracely is a natural leader.Years ago when she was a quiet little girl I wondered about her dreams, if she had ever thought about what she might do as an adult. Talking with her during my last visit, it’s clear she has big thoughts about her future.

When I asked about what she might do after high school, she was confident about several things—she wants to travel and see other countries, she wants to attend college, and she wants to find a way to help children. Knowing Aracely, I’m sure she’ll do all of this and so much more.

We’re so thankful for the opportunity to influence Aracely and help her become a strong, confident young woman.

If you’d like to help Aracely or one of our other children fulfill their dreams, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor.

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