Some Super Heroes Don’t Wear Capes – They Teach!

Some Super Heroes Don’t Wear Capes – They Teach!

Just like your kids, our kids have all switched to distance learning. Needless to say, it was a big adjustment in our home. Thankfully, Lucky and Jenny, our teachers, are doing an amazing job transforming their classrooms and organizing everyone’s schedules. Today, we’re sharing our recent conversation with Lucky and Jenny. Remember, some superheroes don’t wear capes – they teach!

Our children are divided into two school groups at home: most of the younger children are taught by Jenny, while Lucky works with mainly older children.

What has been the hardest part for you as teachers?

J: Figuring out the different activities our kids need to do. I work with kids in different grades at several different schools, all with a different way to do their work.

L: At the beginning, coordinating the schedules and emailed class materials was difficult. Now, the materials we receive are better organized and we have online classes, making the work easier for the kids.

What’s your schedule right now?

J: Right now, I’m working with the younger kids between 8:00 am – 2:00 pm each day. Some of our boys have two online lessons each day. Meanwhile, others receive weekly assignments from their teachers and have just one video call every Friday. Otherwise, everyone’s lessons are sent from the schools. In between video calls and online lessons, I have time scheduled for all of the kids to be in my classroom each day, completing their lessons and homework.

L: My class schedule begins at 7:15 am each morning and doesn’t end until 4:00 pm some days. Several of the older kids I work with receive assignments weekly and only have online classes once a week. To help them with their lessons, I divided them into 3 groups, each with a 2-hour timeslot in my classroom each day.

What has been the hardest part for our kids?

J: The routine changes, getting used to new activities, and the isolation because they miss their teachers and classmates have all been very difficult.

L: The hardest part for the kids was not being able to see their classmates, not going to the school, and adopting a different routine without in-person lessons.

Who is having the hardest time with this change?

J: Mario has some known learning difficulties. Doing activities inside the classroom is very difficult for him right now. We’re adjusting how he does school at home to help him learn best.

L: At this moment, I think it is a little more difficult for the kids who are in the Individualized Education Program. The move to online learning and a different learning environment has been a struggle. Additionally, Brayan is in vocational school and was involved in an internship. Trying to complete his work at home is very difficult.

How have you adjusted over the last 7 weeks?

J: I organized my schedule by school. I also added more activities for the kids so they’re not just doing homework. Doing activities other than just homework seems to be better for them.

L: In the beginning, adopting a new routine was difficult, especially with all the different schedules. I can’t deny it. The kids were a little mad about the changes because they didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Over the last few weeks, we have all changed and learned to work together better.

What are you enjoying most about this new way of teaching?

J: I enjoy working with the kids. Not all of our days are the same. Some days we have a lot of fun and laugh, but others require a lot of concentration and work. Each grade level requires a lot of effort and has different goals, but seeing the kids learn and knowing that I am the person helping them gives me satisfaction and makes me feel good.

L: What I enjoy the most is having quality time with the kids. I like helping them with their questions and watching them learn from each other.

Who else is helping you?

J: Our Special Mothers are helping the younger kids with their activities as well. The little ones do better with more adults. The older kids are spending time doing workshops with some of our social workers and staff. They’re working through topics like living together and improving their communication, all of which are especially helpful right now.

L: We have a math tutor who works with one of our girls several days a week. Plus, the older kids are doing workshops to help with their relationships and work through how they feel during the pandemic.

What else do you want to share?

J: “I thank God for the opportunity of working at Forever Changed International. Through this place, I have been able to learn a lot of things and during this time I know that the teamwork we are doing is reflected on the kids.”

L: “I just request your prayers so we can overcome this situation very soon in our county. I thank you for thinking of our kids and supporting them in these moments.”

Thank you Lucky and Jenny for working hard to keep our kids learning! To see more distance learning photos from Dorie’s Promise and get updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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