Myra Graduates from Diversificado

Myra Graduates from Diversificado

🎓 Three of our kids are graduating this year. This week, we’re highlighting Myra’s graduation from diversificado.

Service to Others Leads to Greatness

Myra's graduation

Although Myra has only been at Dorie’s Promise for 4 years, her passion for helping others was evident the moment she came here. Joining us as a teenager, Myra has always been one of our older girls and quickly filled the role of big sister to our little ones. When the time came for her to choose a program of study for diversificado (high school), she was immediately drawn to the medical program.

Medicine gives Myra a way direct way to help others. Losing her mother to cancer inspired her to help others through medicine. Myra finished classes a few weeks ago and we will celebrate her graduation this weekend. We’re all very excited to celebrate with her.

Myra learned the basics of medicine, health, and anatomy. She enjoyed working with patients most during her studies.  As mentioned by both Aracely and Brayan earlier, one of the most difficult parts of graduating diversificado was online classes, especially because she could not complete all her practical classes in person.

The Future Looks Bright

All in all, Myra had a blast while studying and feels prepared for what’s going to come next. One of her biggest dreams is to become a full-time, successful doctor. Her next step will be starting a medical program in college next year.

Myra is deeply committed to being a skilled, helpful, and prepared doctor before those in need. She has a bright future ahead of her and wants to specialize in either Pediatrics or Surgery. Who knows? Maybe she will be a Pediatric Surgeon. Only time will tell.

Gratitude Makes for the Best Medicine

Myra at Dorie's Promise

Myra’s gratitude comes from every person who has helped her along the way. She is extremely grateful for the staff at Dorie’s Promise and all the ways they’ve taught, loved, supported, and encouraged her. Dorie’s Promise is forever her home.

Through emotional and spiritual support, Mama Lorena has made a significant impact on Myra. She also wants to thank our director Alejandra, legal assistant Jessica, and the many other people who’ve been a part of this amazing journey. They have a special place in her heart.

God has been a very important part of Myra’s accomplishments and we pray she will continue relying on him in the future.

Please pray for Myra as she enters a new stage. We pray she finds strength in God’s plan for her life.

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