Laughter and Smiles Straight from Dorie’s Promise

Laughter and Smiles Straight from Dorie’s Promise

Life looks very different lately at Dorie’s Promise, but with 40 kids something fun or funny is always happening. Here’s your weekly dose of laughter and smiles straight from Dorie’s Promise.

We make learning fun!

Recently, we shared about how our teachers have adapted to distance learning. Managing everyone’s schedule is quite a challenge, but Lucky and Jenny make it look easy and fun. Our younger kids began a unit on colors a few weeks ago. They’re loving their color activities—homemade play dough, painting, and of course, our special color days. On Red Day, they picked out red shirts, wore their red fireman hats, and even played games using red bandanas and hoops.

Crafts and games for days

Have you ever wondered what happens to the leftover craft supplies our mission teams leave behind? Don’t worry, everything is put to good use! Since the kids have lots of time at home, craft time has become a part of our routine. Want to know how we keep the kids occupied—we set out boxes of craft materials and let them create. Our dining room table was the site of an epic bracelet building contest. On another day, the kids decorated cupcakes with LOTS of sprinkles for their dessert. We even broke out the board games to play with our older girls.

Most days we dance

It’s no secret that we love to dance. Our kids love to dance and so do our Special Mothers. So why not make dancing a part of our daily routine? It’s like physical education class, but with your mama leading the way. You can be sure if there’s music on in the boys’ house, Mama Ingrid will be dancing.

Some days we do yoga

Our home is full of energy, but every once in awhile, it’s good to slow down. Ana Maria and Javier, our psychologists, have been working hard to help our kids be happy and manage quarantine well. Last week, they spent some quiet time with our kids. Our backyard pergola became a yoga studio and therapeutic art space. The kids were able to slow down, clear their minds, and put their energy into something that reflected how they felt.

Laughter and smiles every day

We’re facing the same struggles you are. Our schools have been closed for months, there are strict restrictions on our movements, and we’re trying to keep everyone healthy. It’s been a struggle at times, but we’re thankful to be home together. With so many children and such great staff, our home is filled with laughter and smiles every day, even the hard ones.

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