Jordan and Dana Come to Dorie’s Promise

Jordan and Dana Come to Dorie’s Promise

Our mission is to serve children in need. Although we primarily see ourselves as a place for children who will need years of support, there are times when God allows us to help in different ways. Jordan and Dana’s story is different from those we normally share.

Similar Themes in a Different Story

Dana at Dorie's Promise

Like every other child in our home, Jordan and Dana came to us because of family court action. They were removed from their home in October.

Transitioning to Dorie’s Promise was hard for both Jordan and Dana. Being separated from their mother was traumatic and for days they cried for her. In the two months since they’ve been with us, very few days have passed without them asking for her or asking when they can go home.

Seeing them hurting and missing her so much is hard for all of us.

Unlike most of other stories, their mother has been in contact with them constantly during the process. With the court’s approval, she talks with them via video call. Although maintaining contact is slightly unorthodox, it has helped them become more comfortable with us.

Our staff doesn’t expect Jordan and Dana to be at Dorie’s Promise very long. Their mother is receiving help from several professionals to address and remedy the causes of the children’s removal. She is working hard to be reunited with them as soon as possible.

Two Very Sweet Siblings

Jordan at Dorie's Promise

Jordan and Dana are two of the sweetest, most loving children in our home.

It’s very apparent that Jordan absolutely loves his little sister. From the moment they came to us, 7 year-old Jordan has been Dana’s protector. He checks in on her frequently and is always working to make happy, especially when she is sad and missing their mother.

For her part, Dana is an energetic preschooler who loves to dance, do Zumba, and tell jokes. Although she has struggled during her transition to our home, she is also a happy child and has a gorgeous smile. While she’s with us, we’re doing our best to help her feel safe and loved.

We are cautiously optimistic that Jordan and Dana will be reunited with their mother very soon. Until that time, we’re grateful for the opportunity to care for both children during this difficult time.

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